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Akai EIE Pro Audio Interface

Vare: PCM0011029-000
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The AKAI EIE Pro Audio Interface is designed to bring all the connections you need to produce music directly to your...  Alle vareoplysninger

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The AKAI EIE Pro Audio Interface is designed to bring all the connections you need to produce music directly to your desktop. Whether you need to plug in a mic, a guitar, a synthesiser, a dongle, a USB drive or a midi keyboard, with the EIE IO Pro you can do this without having to move! The EIE IO Pro brings the same beautiful retro styling and hands-on operation as the standard AKAI EIE, but delivers more cutting edge technology inside the box. The AKAI EIE Pro can record and playback four tracks simultaneously at a professional 24bit/96kHz standard. This requires a USB2.0 connection and the installation of drivers, which are available for both MAC and Windows 32bit and 64bit systems

The AKAI Electomusic Interface Expander Pro features a lavish front panel with polished chrome toggle switches for selecting phantom power, Mic/Line or guitar inputs, switching the master output between stereo and mono, as well as switching the level metering between input and output or channels 1&2 and 3&4. The two delectable VU meters aren't just for decoration either, they provide a stunning way to check your input and output levels accurately to prevent distortion and clipping. The front panel also houses long, easy-to-grip input gain knobs for each channel as well as headphone and master output volume controls, and a monitor mix knob which sweeps from input only through to output only to allow for direct monitoring and mixing. Audio is fed into the AKAI EIE Pro via the four combo-ports which are designed to accept either XLR microphone cables or standard 1/4” jack leads for total compatibility.

On the back of the AKAI EIE IO Pro is an insert point for each input channel which allows you to route the audio directly out to another device, such as a compressor or FX Unit, and back again using a single “Y” cable (insert lead). This is something of a rarity these days, but comes in very handy when wishing to attach a compressor, gate, or effects unit, without wishing to use one of your outputs and bounce audio back out from your computer. The four outputs on the AKAI EIE Pro mean two pairs of speakers can be connected for simple A-B comparisons or for monitor mixes in the studio, or you can hook up additional outboard effects units.

The Electromusic Interface Expander Pro houses three USB ports, a MIDI in port and MIDI out port. This means additional keyboard controllers, control surfaces, synthesisers, dongles and memory sticks can all be connected to your computer via this handy desktop interface.

The AKAI EIE I/O Pro is a truly beautiful combination of modern technology and classic design and brings total control to your fingertips. The EIE IO Pro brings all the connections and control you need to your desktop, which means you will never need to scrabble around the back of your PC when you need to plug something in again! So, not only does the Electromusic Interface Expander Pro solve all your connectivity needs, it also does it with style and beauty, and is undoubtedly a welcome addition to any desktop!

If you like the look and sound of the EIE Pro but don't need a to record 4 inputs simultaneously and/or prefer the colour red, then click here to see the AKAI EIE which offers exactly this.

If the AKAI EIE Pro simply doesn't fit the bill, then click here to look at our full range of audio interfaces.

AKAI EIE Pro Audio Interface features and dimensions:

  • 44.1/48/96kHz sampling rates and up to 24bit resolution
  • USB2.0 device, compatible with Windows and MAC systems
  • 4in / 4out - simultaneous playback and record
  • 4 independent combo-ports accepting XLR male or 1/4” jack input
  • Mic/Line or Guitar input selector and 48v phantom power on each channel
  • Independent gain control on all inputs
  • 4 Insert points for inserting outboard FX units or for direct output
  • 4 nickel plated 1/4” jack outputs for separate monitor systems
  • Headphone output and output select switch
  • Two classic VU meters with input/output selector
  • 5-pin DIN MIDI I/O
  • 3 USB ports for connecting additional devices
  • 32bit and 64bit drivers are available
  • AKAI EIE Dimensions (HxWxD): 132mm x 322mm x 215mm
  • Weight: 2.5Kg


  • Software: Ja
  • Strøm-adapter: Ja
  • USB-kabel: Ja


  • Producent: Akai
  • Antal mikrofoninput: 4
  • Hi-Z Input: 4
  • Phantom Power: Ja
  • Bit Resolution: 24 bit
  • samplingshastighed (kHz): 96
  • Latensted fri monitoring: Ja
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