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Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano MIDI

Vare: SYN0004772-000
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The Pocket Piano is a fun, versatile synthesizer! It has seven synth modes, a rugged anodized aluminum and wood enclosure and ...  Alle vareoplysninger


Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano

Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano Produktbillede
  • Producent: Critter & Guitari
  • Konstruktion/Antal tonearter: 16
  • Lydgeneration: Digital
  • Arpeggiator: Yes
  • Antal knobs: 4
  • ...
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The Pocket Piano is a fun, versatile synthesizer! It has seven synth modes, a rugged anodized aluminum and wood enclosure and 18 maple keys. It’s got a 3W built-in speaker and a line out audio jack. The Pocket Piano is perfect for making music in the studio, around a campfire and at your kitchen table!

The seven synth modes are:

• Vibrato Synth

• Harmonic Sweeper

• Two-Octave Arpeggiator

• Octave Cascade

• Mono FM Synth

• FM Arpeggiator

• Mono Glider

To operate, turn it on and start playing keys. Use the Mode button to select modes. Depending on the mode, you can select from four wave forms (sine, square, triangle or sawtooth) or increase the octave with the auxiliary button. Each mode has two parameters that are controlled by the two left knobs. The tuning knob adjusts the keyboard over two octaves and the far right knob controls volume. The ‘Hold’ function maintains notes that are playing and frees up your hands for other musical tasks.

The MIDI option features two MIDI jacks for MIDI In/Out/Thru to interact with many other MIDI devices: drum machines, sequencers, computers, synthesizers, and other Pocket Piano MIDIs. It is both a sound module and a controller, sending and receiving MIDI note messages, and generating or syncing to MIDI clock signals.

As a sound module, the Pocket Piano MIDI responds to all 88 notes of a full size piano, so you can expand on the Pocket Piano's 16 note keyboard. Using an external controller, you can take advantage of the Pocket Pianos unique sounds and arpeggiators over a much larger range. Larger range = more fun!

But the fun doesn't stop there - the Pocket Piano MIDI also sends and receives MIDI clock, so you can synchronize the Pocket Piano's arpeggiators with your favorite drum machine, sequencer, or computer software. The Pocket Piano MIDI passes all received clock messages to its output, allowing you to chain many Pocket Pianos together to create an orchestra of Pocket Pianos. !!! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee !!!

!!! 3 Years MUSIC STORE Warranty !!!


  • Producent: Critter & Guitari
  • Konstruktion/Antal tonearter: 16
  • Lydgeneration: Digital
  • Antal knobs: 4
  • Antal tonearter: 2
  • Højtalere: Yes
  • MIDI-interface: Yes
  • LINE OUT: Yes
  • Batterier inkluderet: Yes
  • Antal lyde: 7
  • Polyfoni: 32
  • Strømforsyning: Netzteil, Batterie
  • Bredde (cm): 24,76
  • Højde (cm): 6,03
  • Dybde (cm): 8,26
  • Mini keys: Yes
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