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Doepfer A-178 Theremin CV Source

Vare: SYN0003108-000
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The Doepfer A-178 Eurorack Theremin Module is a Eurorack Theremin module, with a single VCO, a linear VCA, an antenn...  Alle vareoplysninger

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The Doepfer A-178 Eurorack Theremin Module is a Eurorack Theremin module, with a single VCO, a linear VCA, an antenna input, and dual CV outputs. This is a Theremin module for generating a variable control voltage by approaching/removing hand to/from an antenna. The distance range is about 30 cm. Additionally the module is equipped with a Gate output with adjustable threshold level. To simulate the original Theremin two A-178, a VCO (e.g. A-110) and a linear VCA (e.g. A-130 or A-132) are required. But of course the A-178 can be used to control other functions in the A-100 (e.g. filter frequency, modulation depth and/or speed, tempo, attack/decay time and so on). A similar module using the illumination intensity instead of the distance between hand and antenna is the Light-to-CV Converter A-179.

Applications: controlling any voltage controlled parameter of the A-100, e.g. pitch or pulswidth (VCO A-110), loudness (VCA A-130/131/132), panorama (A-134), filter frequency or resonance (A-120/121/122/123), phasing (A-125), frequency shift (A-126), resonance peaks (A-127), envelope parameters (A-141/142), tempo (A-147), passive control by covering/shading the sensor via hand or body, active control by using pocket lamp/flashlight/laser.

The main features of the Doepfer A-178 Eurorack Theremin Module include:

  • Controls/Inputs/Outputs:
    • Antenna input
    • Offset (knob for zero adjust)
    • 2 x CV out, 2 x LED (for CV control positive/negative and zero offset adjust)
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 8 HP / 40.3 mm
    • Depth: 40 mm (measured from the rear side of the front panel)
    • Current: 60 mA


  • Producent: Doepfer
  • TE/HP: 8
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