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Fame Einzelpedal FP9001D, Direct Drive

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The Fame single pedal FP9001D is a bass drum pedal for advanced drummers and pros with high-end features at a super low price.  Alle vareoplysninger


Fame FP9000 Kick Pedal

Fame FP9000 Kick Pedal  Produktbillede
  • Producent: Fame
  • Fundamentplade: Ja
  • Justerbar fjederspænding: Ja
51,50 €
ca. 383,62 DKK

Fame FP9001 Kick Pedal

Fame FP9001 Kick Pedal  Produktbillede
  • Producent: Fame
  • Fundamentplade: Ja
  • Justerbar fjederspænding: Ja
49,01 €
ca. 365,07 DKK

Fame FP4000 Kick Pedal

Fame FP4000 Kick Pedal  Produktbillede
  • Producent: Fame
  • Justerbar fjederspænding: Ja
20,00 €
ca. 148,98 DKK

Fame Single Pedal FP9005 Direct Drive, silver

Fame Single Pedal FP9005 Direct Drive, silver Produktbillede
  • Producent: Fame
  • Fundamentplade: Ja
  • Justerbar fjederspænding: Ja
ca. N/A
72,50 € ca. 540,05 DKK
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FAME single pedal FP9001D, Direct Drive

Professional single pedal with direct drive

The Fame single pedal FP9001D is a bass drum pedal for advanced drummers and pros with high-end features at a super low price. The robust construction and the high quality direct drive mechanism make the FP9001D single pedal a great, low priced alternative for the studio and the stage. The solid footboard and a massive base plate as well as numerous adjustment options guarantee a long lifespan and a perfect playing feel in every situation.

Durable direct drive pedal from Fame

The direct drive system of the Fame FP9001D has the advantage, that no power is lost during playing and every movement is converted without delay and instantly. The cast metal piece allows perfect force transmission and solid handling. The result is a powerful playing feel with many dynamic options for maximum expression in your performance. The splitboard footboard is divided by a solid joint. It is extremely durable and features a profile that prevents your foot from slipping during fast passages. The bottom of the pedal has a heavy base plate for secure positioning and added stability. Should the pedal move anyways, simply secure the position with the retractable spikes. Furthermore, the base plate features velcro tape on the bottom which secures the position of the pedal on your drum carpet.


Diverse adjustment options for professional drummers

The sophisticated design of the FP9001D pedal allows many adjustments to achieve the perfect playing feel that suits your personal preference. The spring tension allows you to alter the resistance and therefore the response and speed of the pedal. The spring tension setting also results in different speeds of the pedal coming back to the original position. A soft spring tension makes for effortless playing while a very tight spring tension results in the pedal sticking to your foot for higher speeds. The pedal features a holder for the tuning key which means the most important tool of a drummer is always within reach.

Hoop clamp with rubber protectors

In order to achieve even more speed and power, the pedal and beater angles can be adjusted independently. If you are looking for more power, simply choose a large pedal angle and a flat pedal angle for more speed. The screw to attach the FP9001D pedal on the hoop of the bass drum via the hoop clamp is on the side. No longer do you have to reach underneath the footboard and hurt your fingers. The hoop clamp has rubber protectors on both sides in order to prevent damage of the bass drum hoop.



FP9001D single pedal

The FP9001D single pedal is a prime example for the exceptional price-performance ratio of our very own Fame brand. The features offered for a very small budget can definitely keep up with much more expensive brands and products. In times where prices for bass drum pedals have reached four-figures, the Fame FP9001D pedal offer the professional features of high-end brand at a fraction of the costs. The great quality of the pedal, the materials used, the design and the workmanship guarantee maximum durability and performance for years to come.


FAME FP9001D single pedal

• Construction: double pillar
• Direct drive, cast
• Splitboard construction
• Two-way beater with felt and plastic side
• Spring tension and pedal angle adjustable
• Side screw hoop clamp with rubber protectors
• Velcro tape and retractable spikes for secure positioning


  • Producent: Fame
  • Fundamentplade: Ja
  • Justerbar fjederspænding: Ja
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