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Flame 4 VOX Quad Wavetable Oszillator

Vare: SYN0004919-000
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The Flame 4 VOX Modular Synthesizer  is a quad wavetable oscillator with up to four voices per VCO channel, res...  Alle vareoplysninger

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Flame 4 Vox

The Flame 4 VOX Modular Synthesizer  is a quad wavetable oscillator with up to four voices per VCO channel, resulting in a maximum of 16 voices at four individual outputs. Due to a MIDI input the module can be played both with CVs or/and directly via MIDI - MIDI allows for modulating some additional parameters. There are 39 memory locations for wavetables and 32 patches for all global and VCO parameters.

The parameters of a wavetable can be controlled by CVs and by MIDI. For instance you can morph through a wavetable with a CV, a MIDI controller or manually with the potentiometer. The range of waves within a wavetable can be selected by minimum and maximum values individually per voice which allows for creating more complex morphs.

Further controllable parameters are Detune, Semitone, Octave, Chord, Portamento, Amplitude and Amp Move (90 degrees phase shifted volume modulation of a VCO's 4 voices). Min and max values can be selected for those parameters as well. Via MIDI it's possible to control further parameters (notes, chords, pitch bend, patch selection and wavetable selection)

The VCOs can be played analog (frequency by Pitch CV input), monophonic via MIDI or 4-voice polyphonic via MIDI.

The VCO can be used as a voltage controllable LFO with 3 modes: LOOP, ONE SHOT and GATED. The SYNC input is used to trigger/reset the LFO. In ONE SHOT mode the LFO can be used as a trigger delay, too (SYNC = trigger in, GATE = trigger output, PITCH = delay time).

Each VCO has an analog 1V/octave input including a fine tune control (+/-1 semitone) and pitch control (approx. 10 octaves), two freely assignable CV inputs, two freely assignable potentiometers, a trigger input for Sync/LFO-reset as well as a Gate and VCO/LFO output.

All global parameters and also the VCO's settings can be named and saved as a non-volatile patch by the user (32 patch memory locations are available). The display can show a graphic of the selected waveforms. Software/wavetable updates are easy possible via MIDI sysex dump.

The main features of the Flame 4 VOX Modular Synthesizer include: 

  • 39x 16bit wavetables, each with 64 waveforms
  • VCO/LFO modi
  • 32 user patches for VCO settings
  • MIDI input
  • 4x pitch inputs
  • 8x CV inputs (individual programable)
  • 4x sync/reset inputs
  • 4x gate outputs
  • 4x VCO/LFO outputs
  • 16 potentiometers
  • Graphic display
  • Size: 3U eurorack module, 29HP wide


  • Producent: Flame
  • TE/HP: 29
  • Type of Modul: Oscilator
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