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Wersi Sonic Black Metallic

Vare: KEY0003614-000
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WERSI moves the bar of what is technically possible within a hardware instrument to previously unknown heights! The new Sonic ...  Alle vareoplysninger


Wersi Sonic Pearly White

Wersi Sonic Pearly White Produktbillede
  • Producent: Wersi
  • Bredde (cm): 123,0
  • Højde (cm): 98,0
  • Dybde (cm): 62,0
17.321,40 €
ca. 128.883,34 DKK


Wersi SONIC OAX600 LS BK Produktbillede
  • Producent: Wersi
19.422,30 €
ca. 144.515,51 DKK


Wersi SONIC OAX600 LS WH Produktbillede
  • Producent: Wersi
19.422,30 €
ca. 144.515,51 DKK
17.321,40 € ca. 128.883,34 DKK
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WERSI SONIC (17 Key Pedal Manual) - Black Metallic

WERSI moves the bar of what is technically possible within a hardware instrument to previously unknown heights! The new Sonic brings a new OpenArt-System generation to the world!

Building on the success of the past 13 years with the OAS range, WERSI has created a new concept full of innovation and musical highlights! WERSI is a world leader in Sound Design and software development. Through the use of the latest technology and the results of years of research and development, the Sonic is the pinnacle of instrument design and playability!

New Musical Innovations and highlights include: - Multi Touch Display (High End - Think iPad! - flick through pages with a quick gesture of your hand!) - New Multi-Layer Dynamic Longwave Samples - (Recorded with the highest quality Neumann Studio Microhpones!) - Easy Play Mode & Expert Mode! - New Style Library exclusive to Sonic! - New Audio Styles! (Expanding on the Realdrum concept with higher quality audio, new expertly developed tempo variaiton control, and professional mastering by high end studio engineers in Cologne, Germany!) - Quadcore Processor & latest PC Technology - Unlimited Polyphony! - Huge Internal RAM memory for speedy performance! - VST 3 Studio Instrument (from third party developers) fully integrated! - Help Function - (Demos for all functions of the Sonic - no more reading long and lengthy User manuals!, although one is included as standard!) - Intelligent Sonic Memory (The Sonic remembers your favourite sounds and presents them to you at the top of any lists that you desire and makes Sound / Accompaniment selection easier than ever before!)

In addition to the new multi touch display in contemporary modern DVD 16:9 format, a highly optimized audio system in studio quality and the most powerful currently available PC system as well as a completely renewed software (New OAS) structure with VST 3.0 integration... the way forward for even more new and future possibilities is now standard once again! Forget all other keyboards and organs. The Sonic offers musical arranger power beyond all else that is on the market!

DYNAMIC MANUALS The WERSI Sonic features two high end beautiful OAS keyboards. The Upper Manual is of a standard 5 octave arrangement and the Lower Manual is of a 76 note manual. This can be played like a Real Piano. The new Grand Piano Samples are inclusive of the most expressive dynamic layer sounds and go far beyond what WERSI has produced in the past. Whether you enjoy the full nuances of the Grand Piano or the Acoustic Nylon Guitar, the Sonic OAS keyboard manuals allow you to truly play in the most expressive way!

NEW SOUNDS The WERSI Sonic Sound Library is incredibly beautiful in terms of the actual Sound Quality and detail and make up of the individual sounds! New Guitars, beautiful new dynamic violins, cellos, panflutes, synths and orchestral and brass sounds are just a few of the new sounds on offer in the Sonic. Of course the legacy library of OAS sounds is standard too, so any sound that you loved from the past decade is also included!

The new sounds must be heard to be believed! They have been created with loving care and expert precision from world acclaimed producers and sound designers across Europe!

NEW SOUNDS FOR THE ACCOMPANIMENT The Sonic goes much further than offering a new sound library for just the keyboard manuals. You also have access to a new library of accompaniment sounds that have been created for the most fantastic sound! Furthermore, these exclusive sounds have been perfected with insert effects for even greater sound satisfaction!

NEW ACCOMPANIMENTS When the Sonic was created, WERSI wanted to bring a new generation of new and fresh styles to the world. Naturally some of the best of the OpenArt-Arranger styles have been included, but a whole new Accompaniment library has been created for the Sonic. The Sonic features a new OpenArt-Arranger (Accompaniment Editor) with new functionality and Style options.

4 Variations, 4 x Fills, 2 x Breaks and 3 x Intro / Endings are standard for the Sonic with real Rhythm Controls on the left hand of the console.

AUDIO STYLES WERSI first revealed their Realdrum system to the world in 2001. Since then, the format was only updated in 2006 with the introduction of the OpenArt-Arranger. Now, while other manufacturers are introducing Audio Styles that are only of the quality that WERSI introduced a decade ago, the new Sonic has an all new Audio Style system that has no rival!

We make this bold claim because it's true. The development masters at WERSI have created a Real Audio Style format that means that the Audio doesn't end at the end of a bar. For example, if your Style is 8 bars long and features a cymbal crash on the last beat of the last bar, old Realdrums would stop the loop at the end of the bar count. The new WERSI Audio Style format allows the audio to play on! This means that real Cymbals and Drum sounds are captured in their full and detailed length!

No other keyboard or software offers this detail of realism! Furthermore, you can also combine Audio Styles with standard styles for even more sound possibilities!

The new Audio Styles have been created by the best drummers and musicians / studio producers. Using an 11 drum mic setup (Near field mics and stereo room mics were all used), the drums were then mastered by top producers for the most incredible results. The new accompaniments have been programmed by world leading style programmers who have a history with the big japanese keyboard manufacturers as well as professional recording studios! The new generation of Audio Styles include Ballad, Rock, Latin, BigBand, Swing Pop, Dance, Techno, World Styles and more!

EASY MODE The WERSI Sonic can be played in an 'Easy Mode' like a traditional organ. No matter your playing ability or technical ability, the Sonic offers you the easiest musical playing experience!

EASY PLAY The Sonic features Easy Play! One Touch Settings, Total Presets, Auto-Harmonies, Single Finger Play as well as Easy Chord, Easy Play, Sound Effects and more!

As well as the standard Easy Play features, you also have the wonderful 'Multi Touch Gesture'. No more moving through pages and pages of sounds and settings, touch lists and quick swiping of your fingers allow instant access to all parameters and sound / style options instantly!

EXPERT MODE If you decide that you want to explore all of the options of the WERSI Sonic, then simply switch to the Expert Mode! Unlike any other instrument, you can grow with your instrument! Learn the new functions form the inbuilt demo facility and begin to setup your Sonic with possibilities like never before!

In the Expert Mode, the sounds per manual are increased from 3 sounds for Upper and Lower to 16 per manual! Expert sound settings, drum editing and more are just a few of the things that you can do in the greatest detail as standard!

TOTAL PRESETS Like all WERSI instruments, you can save your Total Presets (Registrations) for instant recall at a later stage! You can create the perfect setting and store it! Fear not for your can back up your presets to USB or DVD too! !!! 3 Years Music Store Warranty !!!

!!! 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee !!!


  • Producent: Wersi
  • Bredde (cm): 123,0
  • Højde (cm): 98,0
  • Dybde (cm): 62,0
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