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Hudson Music Art Of Playing With Brushes CD und 2 DVDs

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This remarkable three-disc set - two DVDs and a play-along CD - takes a unique look at the art of playing with brushes. Brush ...  Alle Artikelinfos
Hudson Music

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The Art Of Playing With Brushes

This remarkable three-disc set - two DVDs and a play-along CD - takes a unique look at the art of playing with brushes. Brush masters Billy Hart, Eddie Locke, Joe Morello, Chari Persip, and Ben Riley, join drumming greats, Adam Nussbaum and Steve Smith, as they demonstrate and discuss their distinctive brush styles.

All seven artists were filmed playing the same tempos and feels, including 4/4 and 3/4 swing at several different tempos as well as ballads and Latin feels, and each was then interviewed about each performance. By watching these performances back to back, viewers will gain insight into the approaches and techniques of each drummer and will be able to apply these concepts to their own brush playing.

The third disc, a 17-track play-along CD, includes ten tracks that each artist played with, plus seven additional tracks, allowing you to practice with the same music.

Conceived and co-produced by Nussbaum and Smith, this timeless document is an educational and inspirational resource that will never go out of date and is certainly one that belongs in every drummer's library!


  • Hersteller: Hudson Music
  • Instrument: Schlagzeug
  • Medium: DVD
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Arrangement: Schlagzeug
  • CD: Ja
  • DVD: Ja
  • Künstler: Morello, Smith, Persip...
  • Verlagsnummer: HL00320649
  • ISBN: 9781423429692
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