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Roland TD-25KV E-Drum Set UK Version

Artikel: DRU0032359-900
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The Roland TD-25KV V-Drum Electronic Drum Kit offers natural playability and high end sounds to serious drummers. This kit feat...  Alle Artikelinfos

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Roland TD-25KV E-Drum Set UK Version

The Roland TD-25KV V-Drum Electronic Drum Kit offers natural playability and high end sounds to serious drummers. This kit features an advanced SuperNATURAL sound engine that allows you to experience the full expressiveness of a traditional acoustic kit at manageable volumes. The TD-25KV's sounds respond organically and naturally to your playing, making it feel just like you're playing real acoustic drums.

All drum pads feature mesh heads that deliver the legendary V-Drums feel. positional sensing on the snare pad that provides subtle, organic tonal changes depending on where the pad is struck. The cymbals swing naturally and support chokes, bow/edge sounds on the crash, and bow/edge/bell sounds on the ride. The VH-11 V-Hi-Hat mounts on a standard hi-hat stand making of a very natural feel. It open/closed motion and bow/edge sounds for executing traditional playing techniques to perfection. The VH-11 also recognises the different stages of an opening hi-hat, and you can also splash the hi-hat. The KD-9 Kick Pad offers a natural-feel cloth head and rock-solid response.

The TD-25KV's interface features a large centre knob that allows you to quickly select kits based on music styles such as standard, rock, jazz, electronic, and others. You can load up a USB memory stick with your favourite WAV/MP3 songs or plug an MP3 player or smartphone directly into the 3.5mm audio input. The sound module is equipped with a USB host port as well, providing a convenient connection for recording audio and MIDI data directly into DAW software.

The main features of the Roland TD-25KV V-Drum Electronic Drum Kit include

  • Advanced SuperNATURAL Sound Engine
  • Simple, Logical Interface
  • PDX-100 10” Mesh-Head Snare Pad
  • 3x Mesh-Head Tom Pads: 2x PD-85BK 8” Pads for Rack Toms & 1x PDX-100 10” Pad for Floor Tom
  • VH-11 V-Hi-Hat Mounts on a Standard Acoustic Hi-Hat Stand
  • 2x CY-12C 12” Crash Cymbals with Natural Swinging Motion, Edge/Bow Sensors, & Choke Control
  • CY-13R 13” Ride Cymbal with Natural Swinging Motion & Edge/Bow/Bell Triggering
  • KD-9 Kick Pad with Cloth Head
  • Play Along with WAV/MP3 Songs & Capture Performances to a USB Memory Stick
  • Quick-Access Metronome with Dedicated Screen, On/Off Button, & Tempo Knob
  • USB Host Port


  • Hersteller: Roland
  • Anzahl Drumkits: 18
  • Anzahl Sounds: 200
  • Recording Funktion: Ja
  • Kompressor: Ja
  • interne Effekte: Ja
  • Display: Ja
  • Master Out: Ja
  • Kopfhöreranschluss: Ja
  • Inkl. Fußmaschine: Nein
  • integriertes Metronom: Ja
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