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Voggenreiter Voggy's ABC of Music ENGLISH

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For children 6 years and up. No previous musical experience required. This book is your child’s ideal companion in his or he...  Alle Artikelinfos

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Martina Holtz - Voggy’s ABC of Music - English

For children 6 years and up.

No previous musical experience required. This book is your child’s ideal companion in his or her first introduction to the wonderful and fascinating world of music. It can be used as a supplement to music lessons at home or at school; or you and your child can simply read it together. Little Voggy explains the basics of music theory in a child-friendly and easily understandable way. Starting from scratch, the - ABC of Music - features small riddles and funny comics to keep the young readers motivated throughout their first experiences in musicland. 16 popular children’s songs are also included so your child can apply right away what he or she has learned. The second part of this book introduces your child to the most popular musical instruments. Each of these instruments is also included as an audio excerpt on the accompanying CD. Your child will get to know the following musical instruments: violin, guitar, piano and grand piano, recorder, transverse flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, horn, harp, drum set, timpani, percussion instruments, metallophone, xylophone, keyboard, electric guitar, electric bass. In addition: amplifier, mixing board, microphone, and conductor. All the songs are recorded in modern arrangements on the accompanying audio CD to listen to, play and sing along with. Also included are audio-samples of the instruments introduced in this book to ensure that basic music theory stays an exciting and fascinating topic for your child and, above all, is always a lot of fun.


  • Hersteller: Voggenreiter
  • Medium: Fachbuch
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • CD: Nein
  • DVD: Nein
  • CD-ROM: Nein
  • Seitenanzahl: 112
  • Autor: Martina Holtz
  • Format: DIN A5 Querformat
  • Beschaffenheit 1: Ringbuch Ausgabe
  • Beschaffenheit 2: 4-Farbig
  • Verlagsnummer: 0502-0
  • ISBN: 978-3-8024-0502-0

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