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Doepfer A-132-2

Artikel: SYN0003139-000
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A-132-2, DOEPFER, Quad VCA, the module can be used for all applications of simultaneous amplitude/level control of four differe...  Alle Artikelinfos

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Quad VCA
  • Module A-132-2 is a fourfold VCA with a common level control section for all four VCAs
  • The module can be used for all applications of simultaneous amplitude/level control of four different audio or CV signals
  • The module has a manual level control Amp. and two control voltage inputs CV1 and CV2 available. CV2 is equipped with a polarizer to adjust the effect and polarity of the external control voltage
  • The A-132-2 is equipped with an internal connector that can be used to normalize the four input sockets to other modules
  • So far only the quadrature LFO/VCO A-143-9 is equipped with a suitable matching connector. To connect the A-132-2 and the A-143-9 no soldering is required
  • A short 10 pin ribbon cable with removable connectors on both ends is used
  • For the normalling to other modules (e.g. Quad AD/LFO A-143-1, Quad ADSR A-143-2, Quad LFO A-143-3 or other modules with several outputs like VCOs or multimode VCFs) the second side of the ribbon cable has to be wired manually to the outputs of the module in question


  • Hersteller: Doepfer
  • TE / HP: 8
  • Breite (cm): 4,03
  • Tiefe (cm): 5,0
  • Modulart: VCA
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