Clavia Nord Stage 3 88

Προιόν: KEY0004614-000
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The Clavia Nord Stage 3 88 is a flagship stage piano featuring 88 keys with the latest technology and professional performance ...  Ολες οι πληροφορίες για το προιόν

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Clavia Nord Stage 3 88

Stage piano with 88 keys

The Clavia Nord Stage 3 88 is a flagship stage piano featuring 88 keys with the latest technology and professional performance characteristics. Two super-clear OLED displays allow seamless transitions when changing programs or sounds, and also features extended split functionality with optional transitions and a song list mode. These features combine to make the Nord Stage 3 ideal for both studio and stage use.

The Clavia Nord Stage 3 contains three sound producing sections; piano, organ and synthesizer, all of which can be used simultaneously. Additionally, this stage piano has two separate slots, so you can use two pianos, two organs and two synths plus effects for maximum sound flexibility.

The song mode allows you to easily organise a group of programs for each song in a list. Each song can consist of up to five different programs that can be assigned freely from your existing programs. This allows them to create individual songlists for different bands or situations, and to easily customise names and order. The OLED display provides an excellent overview when selecting sounds and programs.

The Clavia Nord Stage 3 has three split zones and a crossfade functionality. You have the choice between three different crossfade zones that are indicated by different LED colours. A split point editor allows you to easily organise split points with the OLED display. This digital piano offers a memory of 2GB for the exclusive North Piano library.

Summary from Sound on Sound Magazine March 2018

When I was asked to look at the Stage 3, I didn't know whether it would be a minor upgrade or a significant step forward. It turned out to be the latter, to the extent that I can see Stage 2 owners selling their existing instruments and spending the extra to obtain the new model. I would.


  • Many obvious upgrades: increased sample memory, new pipe organ models, a more powerful synthesizer, increased polyphony and enhanced effects.
  • Many less obvious upgrades: Song Mode, an extra keyboard zone, seamless transitions between Programs, Program changing using a footpedal, improved monitor input routing and more.
  • Many of the acoustic pianos and other piano-type instruments are excellent.
  • The Hammond organ model and its related effects are state of the art.
  • The synthesizer section is more powerful than you might imagine.
  • The two Panels are now close to independent, making it (almost) two instruments in one.
  • It’s solidly built, yet Clavia’s red livery continues to look stylish.


  • The lack of user-assignable split points is limited.
  • Making the triple pedal an expensive extra remains rather naughty.
  • The Vox and Farfisa models are starting to fall behind those of the competition.
  • The Clavinets have no more mute function.
  • There’s no USB audio.
  • It’s not cheap.
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