Dave Smith Instruments OB-6

Προιόν: SYN0005026-000
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Developed in collaboration with Tom Oberheim, the OB-6 is the result of development, the aim of which was to combine the vintag...  Ολες οι πληροφορίες για το προιόν

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Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 Module

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Dave Smith Instruments Oberheim OB-6

6-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim reveal the secret of their collaboration: the 6-voice and completely analog synthesizer OB-6! The keys of the OB-6 are semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive and feature Aftertouch.

The OB-6 is the result of development, the aim of which was to combine the vintage SEM sound with the flexibility of modern technology. This has produced a synthesizer with a sound that sets striking accents and, thanks to full programmability, and provides synth-hearts with adrenaline.

The voices of the OB-6

The OB-6 features two separate VCOs (plus Sub Oscillator) per voice and continuously variable waveforms. The OB 6 you have the choice between sawtooth, square and triangle wave. The pulse width is also variable.

Each of the voices may pass through a high-pass, low-pass, band-pass and notch filters. The analog signal is rounded off through a VCA.

Sound shaping through filters and effects

Filter Envelopes and VCO 2 used in the X-Mod act as modulation sources. Several buttons can be found on the front panels, that help to activate practical functions with just a single finger.

The double effects section delivers studio quality reverbs and delays. It also allows for a brilliant chorus, plus a redesign by Tom Oberheim of the acclaimed Phaseshifters and ring modulator.

The effects are digital and have a resolution of 48 kHz (24-bit). However, due to the true-bypass, the analog signal is maintained. In addition, the OB-6 has a multimode arpeggiator and polyphonic step sequencer.

Tom Oberheim & Dave Smith - Introduce the OB-6

OB - 6 Filter Delight

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