Korg G1 Air BK

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The Korg G1 Air BK is a digital piano offering unparalleled sound and a beautifully expressive playing experience. This model c...  Ολες οι πληροφορίες για το προιόν

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Korg G1 Air BR

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Korg G1 Air WH

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Korg G1 Air BK

The Korg G1 Air BK is a digital piano offering unparalleled sound and a beautifully expressive playing experience. This model comes with a black finish.

The G1 Air contains the sound of three of the world’s finest concert grand pianos. The German Piano is likely the most famous piano in the world andis characterised by brilliant highs and rounded bass, encapsulating richness and power. The Austrian Piano is an instrument with a rich heritage, offering a warm yet brilliantly colourful sound. The Japanese Piano is characterised by a dynamic sound and is frequently used for a wide range of music genres including classical, jazz and pop.

These three concert grand pianos realistically recreate the damper resonance effect produced by the sympathetic resonance of the strings in an acoustic piano when the damper pedal is held down. Additionally, String Resonance is an essential characteristic of the overall sound of an acoustic piano and therefore features in these pianos. Key-off simulation recreates the sounds that are produced when the player’s fingers lift off the keys.

The G1 features a real-weighted hammer action 3 (RH3) keyboard that accurately simulates the playing experience of a grand piano with a heavier playing feel in the lower register that becomes lighter as you move up the keyboard. Key touch control is also provided, with a choice of five levels of sensitivity (light, normal, heavy, stable, fixed) to specify how your playing dynamics are reflected by the sound produced. As well as the three concert grand piano sounds, the G1 also offers electric piano sounds, organ, clavi, vibraphone, acoustic guitar, strings and more, giving you 32 richly expressive sounds. Three high-quality effects are also available: brilliance, reverb, and chorus.

The G1 Air includes audio support for Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect a smartphone and enjoy playing along with your favourite songs. You can even use the G1 Air as a powerful Bluetooth speaker system when not in other use. With two large-diameter speakers placed below the keyboard in a resonant enclosure, the full dynamic range of sound is conveyed directly to the player, whilst high-frequency tones are presented by a pair of speakers mounted above the keyboard. The amplifier section provides 20W of output power for each of the four speakers, delivering up to 80W of rich bass to brilliant highs.

The G1 is equipped with three pedals: damper, soft and sostenuto. The damper and soft pedals also feature half-pedalling for even more detailed expression. Two-track digital recording is available for analysing or archiving your performances. You can record each hand separately or record an additional track onto a previously-recorded song. Playback tempo can be adjusted and up to 99 user songs can be saved in the instrument.

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