Paiste Rude Crash Ride 19"

Προιόν: DRU0011479-000
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The Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal 19" Heavy is a 19" crash ride cymbal made from a B8 bronze alloy, with a...  Ολες οι πληροφορίες για το προιόν

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PAISTE Rude 19" Crash/Ride

The Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal 19" Heavy is a 19" crash ride cymbal made from a B8 bronze alloy, with an extra heavy weight, integrated bell character and a long sustain. The Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal is produces the original punk and metal sound. This cymbal has a very bright, raw, full, earthy, energetic sound character with a wide range, and complex mix. The Rude Crash Ride Cymbal has a heavy feel, creating a responsive and explosive crash. This is a versatile cymbal that is built for general purpose playing as well as a crash/ride for loud playing.

The main features of the Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal 19" Heavy include:

  • Alloy: B8 (92% copper and 8% tin)
  • Size: 19"
  • Weight: Extra heavy
  • Volume: Loud to very loud
  • Stick sound: Strong, balanced
  • Intensity: Lively
  • Sustain: Long
  • Bell character: Integrated
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