Sabian B8X CymbalSet Complete, 14"H,10"SP,16"+18"CR,18"C,20"R

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SABIAN B8X Cymbal Set Complete: 7-piece Cymbal Set from the Sabian B8X Cymbal Series, consists of 14" Hi-Hats,10" Splash,16" an...  Ολες οι πληροφορίες για το προιόν

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SABIAN B8X Beckensatz "Complete"

The Sabian B8X 6-Piece Cymbal Set is a 6-piece cymbal set, that includes a 10" Splash, 14" HiHat, 16" and 18" Thin Crash, a 18" China and a 20" Ride, made of B8 bronze, with a natural finish. With the pool of B8X series provides Sabian B8 before the successor of the popular series that is as true stalwart since 1984 on the market. Or was, rather, because while already sat the B8 series standards in its price class, the concept with the B8X cymbals could be further refined, which is why the B8X series will replace the time-honoured B8 series.

The X stands for the B8X series of small but smart changes that B8X pools stand out by themselves over their predecessors quite clearly in the sound. In addition to an altered profile falls on a stronger hammering that spread even beyond the bell. So you could give the B8X- Sound improved projection and more complexity and heat. The B8X cymbals are like their predecessors from the finest B8 bronze alloy manufactured in Canada. The latest production methods with extremely high precision make this a consistent quality of all Beck Models safely.

The main features of the Sabian B8X 6-Piece Cymbal Set include:

  • 10" Splash, 14" Hats, 16" Thin-Crash, 18" Thin-Crash, 18" Chinese, 20" Ride
  • Style: Focused
  • Metal: B8
  • Sound: Bright
  • Weight: Medium
  • SABIAN B8X Beckensatz "Complete" is composed of:
    • 10 "Splash
    • 14 "HiHat
    • 16 "+ 18" Thin Crash
    • 18 "China
    • 20 "Ride
  • Splash: extremely fast and light with punchy high-end cut for fast accents
  • HiHat: crisp and dynamic embroidery and pedal response; very bright and defined; clean and pervasive
  • Crash: rapid, massive response; explosive, bright sound of strong and accents
  • China: aggressive and bright with plenty of bite and cool, sharp rawness
  • Ride: crisp stick definition; sharp sound of bells; bright tonal response; very versatile ride cymbal
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