Sennheiser XSW 1-825-D Vocal Set

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XS Wireless 1 With the XS Wireless 1 series, Sennheiser offers an easy-to-use and flexible way of reliably transmitting v...  Ολες οι πληροφορίες για το προιόν

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Sennheiser XSW 1-825-D Vocal Set

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XS Wireless 1

With the XS Wireless 1 series, Sennheiser offers an easy-to-use and flexible way of reliably transmitting vocals, speech and instruments. The focus is on clarity, intuitiveness and above all quality - three criteria that each of the six different sets fulfils very well. Among the top features of the UHF wireless system are the integrated antennas, the bright and manageable display as well as a scan and sync function, which can be activated simply by pressing a button If you attach particular importance to fast configuration, easy handling and special sound in the overall package, you can make absolutely nothing wrong with the XS Wireless 1 series - and even in combination with up to 10 systems!


XSW 1-825-D Vocal Set

The Vocal Set XSW-1-825-D is particularly suitable for vocals and presentations, as it scores particularly well with the clear sound of the Sennheiser e 825 capsule. The cardioid characteristic of the dynamic microphone prevents sound from reaching the back - and thus feedback - while creating a balanced yet present frequency image in the range of 80Hz - 14kHz, keeping the artist or speaker in focus in every situation.

The hand-held transmitter, powered by 2 AA batteries, also has an on/off switch, which proves to be very practical at events. This way you can also react to unwanted feedback from the stage when the microphone is not needed at that time. In addition, the integrated display shows clearly the most important information about the current operating status.


EM XSW 1 Receiver

The EM XSW1 receiver impresses with its modern, simple design, which shows all important functions clearly at first glance. The front is very simple and therefore very easy to operate. Channel selection, volume control and set scan are combined in one control element, while another button is responsible for synchronization between the devices. The respective status (e.g. battery, reception) and the channel number for the connected devices can be easily read off the display. The receiver offers the possibility to switch between 8 frequency banks with up to 10 channel presets each.

When looking at the rear panel, the two outputs with XLR (balanced) and jack plug (unbalanced) as well as an associated switch are located there - each console at which the signal is to be applied is thus operated.

The XS Wireless 1 systems also come with built-in antennas and have a switching diversity receiver.

Sennheiser's XSW 1 series also includes 5 additional systems, each of which can be selected in one of the six frequency ranges:

XSW 1 Sets:

  • XSW 1-825 VOCAL SET
  • XSW 1-835 VOCAL SET
  • XSW 1-908 BRASS SET

Frequency ranges:

  • A (548-572 MHz)
  • GB (606-630 MHz)
  • B (614-638 MHz)
  • C (766-790 MHz)
  • D (794-804 MHz)
  • E (821-832, 863-865 MHz)
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