Yamaha MX49 II BL black

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Yamaha MX49 II BL black

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Digital Synthesizer with Audio Interface

The Yamaha MX49 II BL digital synthesizer is equipped with the same legendary velocity-sensitive full-sized keys and Yamaha Voices as the MOTIF XS series with VCM effects in 128-note polyphony. Part of the popular MX-series, the MX49 V2 features a USB audio/MIDI interface to easily integrate to computers and DAWs – and this unit ships with Steinberg Cubase Ai included. This makes the MX49 V2 ideal for both live and studio applications. Plug in and play anytime using the FM Essential app, allowing all functions and Voices of the MX49 V2 to be played and edited on a smartphone.

The MX series contains more than 1,000 voices taken directly from Yamaha's world-famous MOTIF XS series. Featured sounds include piano, electric piano, strings, drums, synth leads and many more. Edited sounds can also be stored directly to the MX49, including effects and synthesizer functions. In addition the Yamaha MX49 II BL is very easy to use: Split and Layer Buttons quickly combine two voices to create something new. This is the big advantage of a modern digital synthesizer like the MX 49 II BL: you can quickly find the right instrument and play music yourself, create new sounds with hundreds of editable effects programs and employ drum kits, arpeggios and patterns into the process.

When you connect the Yamaha MX49 II BL via USB to a computer the synthesizer becomes the recording studio. The audio inputs and outputs are connected to the DAW via ASIO, and the audio inputs of the MX49 II BL are ready to be recorded into the computer. Installing the included Steinberg Cubase Ai is recommended, as it is perfectly matched to the MX49 II BL. Record audio, import MIDI tracks, control VST instruments, mix plug-ins – in short, create a perfectly produced song.

The VCM effects simulate vintage effects at the transistor level and enable sounds that recall the seventies. The 128 polyphony allows you to play very tight song arrangements using 16 parts of a performance. In combination with the authentic effects the arrangement becomes a professional sounding production.

With the help of the synthesizer app FM Essential, you can store synth performances in real-time via an iPhone or iPad. This iOS application allows the MX Synthesizers to be operated via the smartphone thanks to a simple plug and play function. For those who want to immerse themselves in the world of digital sound synthesis the MX 49 II BL is the perfect choice.

In combination with the included Cubase sequencer, the Yamaha MX49 II BL brings you everything you need to record your own songs or play back MP3s or MIDI files to produce live performances. The advantage is that you do not need additional audio and MIDI equipment for this computer-based work, because the Yamaha MX49 II BL integrates itself as an audio interface, so you only have to connect with a USB cable. The MIDI output of the MX49 II BL can be used to control external MIDI instruments from within Cubase.

Yamaha Music Synthesizer MX BK/BU Series

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