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The D16 Group Classic Boxes Bundle is an advantage package consisting of the three classic drum machine plugins Nepheton, D...  All product info
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Advantage package consisting of four drum machine / bass line plug-ins modelled on classic Roland devices

The D16 Group Classic Boxes Bundle is an advantage package consisting of the three classic drum machine plugins Nepheton, Drumazon and Nithonat as well as the Bass Line Synth Phoscyon. The package's plug-ins are detailed emulations of Roland's timeless TR-808, TR-909, TR-606 and TB-303 devices, whose sound has been shaped by generations since the eighties. Instead of simply converting these giants to digital, it supplements D16 Group all the devices with numerous setting options that the predecessor devices did not offer and also raises their processing quality to a new level. This bundle is aimed at producers and musicians from the hiphop or electronic genres from drum & bass to dubstep to create crisp to booming beats, drums and bass tracks.

Included in the total package are the four plugins from the house D16 Group , which take care of the emulation and improvement of the Roland devices:

Nepheton ( Roland TR-808)

Nepheton is a drum machine plugin that D16 Group closely resembles the classic Roland TR-808 synthesizer and emulates its sounds excellently. All sounds and detailed nuances of the original have been perfectly captured. The modules of the plugin were equipped with additional control parameters for Deep Tone and Envelope. The output configurations are extremely flexible, as the audio signal from each module can be routed to one of the 12 outputs. This allows you to redirect each source into a separate aux channel and further refine the sound with other plug-ins. Each output can be set to mono or stereo. For the fans of the original 808, however, the well-known trigger output was also made available.

Thanks to these and many other functions, the Nepheton not only provides you with a wonderful emulation of the 808, it also provides you with numerous helpful tools for the addition, for a fraction of the price of the original device.

Drumazon( Roland TR-909)

The Drumazon is a Drummachine Plugin of the D16 Group TR-909, which is characterized by its almost perfect emulation of the classic Roland TR-909. The instruments are synthesized in exactly the same way as the original so that every nuance of the classic is captured exactly. In addition to the control units of the 909, Drumazon offers extended functionalities that allow an even deeper intervention into the sound. Preset browsers, 11 outputs, and advanced MIDI control give this 909 emulation the capabilities that the 1980s Roland device didn't have, such as extensive MIDI control, mute and solo buttons, multiple operastion modes, random generator, host tempo synchronization, and versatile additional sound tuning parameters.

Nithonat ( Roland TR-606)

Nithonat is a Drum Machine synthesizer plugin from D16 Group TR-606 that emulates the functions of the classic Roland TR-606 and adds more parameters to its functions. Over the years, the sounds of the original signal have been used by various performers in electro, hip-hop, RnB and many other genres. With this plugin you start where others had success and go one step further from there!
The Nithonat contains powerful internal sequencers. The tracks can be edited and modified in a simple and intuitive way thanks to many useful functions. The intuitive user interface makes the sequencer very easy to use.

In addition to the many internal sequencer modes, the Nithonat plugin can also be used as a sound module. All sounds and functions in the Nithonat can be controlled from a host sequencer. This plugin is a drum machine that is affordable in relation to your potential, quick to program and easy to use.

Phoscyon ( Roland TB-303)

The Phoscyon is a bass synthesizer plugin that D16 Group perfectly mimics the sound of classic analog devices, modelled on the Roland TB03 Bass Line. With distortion, arpeggiator, randomizer, play live mode, and vintage-style construction, pattern builder and authentic 18db/oct low-pass filter, hardly any synth fan wish remains unfulfilled. Connoisseurs of the original Bass Line will be amazed by the unbelievable similarity of the Phoscyon emulation. But the potential does not end with simple imitation. With this plugin you can create sounds that were unthinkable with the original Bass Line. And yet the Phoscyon gives you access to authentic Vintage sounds at a fraction of the cost of the original device. The familiar Bass Line user interface has been adopted and paired with new sound creation tools.

The Phoscyon plugin comes with a unique low pass filter with 18db/oct dumping and constant resonance amplitude over the entire frequency domain. The filter simply sounds great and will make you swear it's an analog device. The synth plugin is also equipped with an arpeggiator (a must in electronic music) and an analog distortion effect, which is especially useful for screaming bass voices.

D16 Group Classic Boxes Bundle (license code)

  • Software Plugin/ VST Bundle

Contains the following products:

D16 Group nepheton

  • 17 completely synthetic instruments
  • Perfectly scaled knob ranges
  • Extended control over module sounds
  • Flexible, dynamic output redirection including master out and trigger output
  • Real "disable/off" mute & solo buttons for each module - Saves CPU power
  • Completely controllable via MidiCC
  • Fast midiCC assignment with MidiLearn function
  • Several control variants:
  • Internal sequencer (pattern mode) with 2 sub-modes
  • 96 Simple patterns
  • 16 extended patterns (12 basic rhythms and 4 intros/fill ins) with 4 segments per pattern
  • Each segment can be defined with one of four available time signature types
  • Each step can be defined as normal or accented
  • shuffle mode
  • tap fashion
  • Built-in Randomizer
  • Patterns can be imported or exported human readable as .xml files.
  • External mode:
  • Custom Midi Map
  • Note speed controls module level
  • Two synchronization modes:
  • Precise DAW Tempo Synchronization
  • Synchronization to Internal Clock - from 30-303 BPM (+-0.1)
  • Simple preset manager

D16 Group drumazone

  • Perfectly emulated synthesizer of the Roland 909
  • Exactly equal scaled knob ranges with small modifications for an even wider sound spectrum
  • Improved control over instrument sounds
  • Dynamic signal redirection from instruments to outputs
  • Custom plugin output settings
  • Mute/Solo buttons for each instrument
  • Completely controllable via MidiCC
  • Fast midiCC assignment with MidiLearn function

Different operating modes:

  • External mode (note mode)
  • Internal sequencer (pattern mode) with three sub modes

External mode (note mode):

  • Midi-Map equivalent to the classic map of the 909
  • Midi tunes and volumes control the volumes and tunes of the instruments

internal sequencer:

  • 8 benches with 12 patterns per bench
  • Each pattern with up to 16 steps length
  • Each pattern defined in one of four time signature types
  • Each step optionally accentuated or normal
  • shuffle mode
  • flame mode
  • tap mode
  • chain mode
  • Intelligent rescaling (Automatically scales and stretches the pattern for the new beat)
  • Built-in Randomizer (optional for instrument selection, affected steps, frequency of notes, and more)
  • Pattern import / export via human readable .xml files

Two synchronization modes:

  • Accurate synchronization at host tempo
  • Synchronization at the internal clock - Speed control between 30-303 BPM (+/-0.1)
  • Individual presets for each instrument with easy-to-use preset manager

D16 Group nithonat

  • Fully synthetic drum sounds
  • Additional parameters for even more sound control

Multiple operating modes:

  • External mode (notes trigger sounds)
  • Internal sequencer (pattern mode)

Internal sequencer:

  • 8 benches with 12 patterns per bench
  • Each pattern with 16 steps length
  • Each pattern defined by one of four available bars
  • shuffle mode
  • Trigger out
  • Global Accent Track
  • tap mode
  • chain mode
  • Shuffle (swing) and tempo values defined per pattern
  • Built-in Randomizer
  • Pattern import/export via human-readable .xml files

Two synchronization modes:

  • Synchronization at host tempo
  • Synchronization at the internal clock - tempo controlled between 30-300 BPM (+/-0,1)
  • Mute/Solo for each instrument
  • Dynamic signal routing from instruments to outputs
  • Drumkits organized in groups
  • midi learn functionality
  • 64-bit internal processing

D16 Group phoscyon

  • synthesizer
  • 2 authentically emulated analog oscillators (saw/square)
  • Screeching 18db/oct low pass filter free of self-oscillation
  • Filter equipped with transistor amplitude clipping
  • Perfectly scaled knob ranges
  • Additional synthesizer options extend the model's repertoire

Internal sequencer

  • 96 patterns
  • Each pattern with a length of up to 16 steps
  • shuffle mode
  • chain mode
  • Define shuffle (swing) and tempo values per pattern
  • Pattern import/export via human readable .xml files

Two synchronization modes:

  • Precise synchronization of the host tempo
  • Synchronization at the internal clock - controlled tempo between 30-800 BPM (+/-0.1)

Built-in arpeggiator

  • 7 predefined chords and One custom chord
  • Arpeggiator speed multiplier (1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6)
  • Arpeggiator repeat feature
  • 4 Arpeggiatior patterns (Up, Down, Up-Down, Random)
  • Defined offsets of the octaves
  • Built-in distortion effect (equivalent to a transistor amplifier with equalizer)
  • Designed for the Acid-Bassline Sound
  • Equipped with signal routing (Dist <=> Eq)

Different control methods:

  • External mode (notes trigger sounds)
  • Internal sequencer (pattern mode)

Versatile random number generator:

  • Generates patterns from user-defined note range, user-defined chords or predefined chords. (major, minor, dominant seventh, m7, M7, m7-5, DIM)
  • Generates random values for note, gate, accent, and slide attributes
  • Allows the user to define attribute frequencies

Completely controllable via MidiCC

Scope of delivery:

License codes of the products mentioned above


Windows PC

  • Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
  • 1.5 GHz with SSE (2.0 GHz multicore recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • VST -compatible main application (32bit or 64bit)

Mac OS X

  • OS X 10.7 or later
  • Intel -based CPU with 1.5 GHz (2.0 GHz recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • AU- / VST -compatible main application (32bit or 64bit)


  • Software type: Plug-in
  • Plattform: Mac/PC
  • Plugin Format: vVST/Audio Unit/AAX
D16 Group Classic Boxes Bundle  License Code Product ImageD16 Group Classic Boxes Bundle License Code
€ 299.00

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