Eurolite TMH BSW-380 Moving-Head Beam/Spot/Wash

Item: LIG0018854-000
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Beam/spot/wash moving head with 371 watt discharge lamp, color wheel, gobo wheels, prisms, frost, focus and zoom  All product info

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Product information - Eurolite TMH BSW-380

Beam/Spot/Wash Moving Head

Eurolite TMH BSW-380
  • Beam, spot and wash light in one unit
  • Illuminant: Osram Sirius HRI 371W discharge lamp
  • Lamp already installed and adjusted at the factory
  • Bidirectional rotating 8- and 16-facet prism with variable speed
  • Frost filter for extra soft projections
  • Integrated color and gobo macros
  • Strobe effect 1-18 Hz
  • Dimmer (0-100%)
  • Positioning within 540° PAN and 230° TILT
  • Exact positioning by 16 bit resolution of PAN/TILT movement
  • Exact zoom and focus adjustment by fine channels via DMX
  • Automatic position correction
  • Mains input and mains output for easy interconnection of up to 4 units
  • Color wheel with 13 dichroic colors and open
  • Rainbow effect with variable speed in both directions
  • Color change switchable (mode 1: full colors only, mode 2: color change at any position)
  • Gobo wheel with rotating gobos, 7 gobos and open, shake effect
  • Slot-in gobo system for gobo change without tools, gobos interchangeable
  • Gobo wheel with static gobos, 11 gobos and open, shake effect
  • Gobo wheel with static gobos, 5 gobos and open, shake effect
  • Integrated show programs
  • Operable in 22; 26 CH DMX mode
  • Cooling of the device is done by fans
  • Controllable via stand-alone; DMX; music control via microphone; master/slave function; QuickDMX via USB (optional); W-DMX by Wireless Solution via USB (optional); CRMX by LumenRadio via USB (optional)
  • Already pre-programmed with Light Captain
  • With a beam angle of 4
  • Multi-color LCD display,
  • With battery backup for easy operation
  • OSRAM illuminant

Eurolite TMH BSW-380 at a glance

The TMH BSW-380 is one of the new moving heads in the range of Eurolite. The BSW in the name stands for Beam, Spot and Washlight. The new moving head is therefore beam, spot and washlight in one device. As a true all-rounder, it creates varied lighting effects. The number 380 indicates the power class; an extremely bright Osram Sirius 371 watt discharge lamp is installed. A 16-bit resolution with PAN of 540° and TILT of 230° allows the moving head to move quickly and precisely to any desired position with its powerful motors and automatic position correction.


A wide range of control options ensures convenient operation. In addition to control via DMX with 22 or 26 channels, the all-rounder can also be used in standalone operation with master/slave function. Of course, the device also has a music-controlled mode. Integrated show programs can be played without further intervention and thus enable a varied light show. Functions and settings are configured via the color display with four control buttons on the front. furthermore, the moving head can be retrofitted for wireless DMX operation.

Eurolite TMH BSW-380

Comprehensive equipment

In terms of equipment, too, this moving head has been designed with the utmost care. Thus, 3 gobo wheels are installed alone. The first gobo wheel offers 11 static gobos, the second 7 rotating gobos and the third gobo wheel 4 static gobos and an area that allows animations. The latter creates movement in the projection, which alone, but also in combination with the other gobos, creates eye-catching effects. For example, a sensational water effect is created in combination with a textured glass gobo that is also present and a prism. But also a kind of fire effect and many other moving images can be realized by this.

The TMH BSW-380 also has 2 rotating prisms. The first prism splits the image into 8 images, the second into 16. In addition, the moving head offers a motorized zoom that ranges from 4° to 35°.

Different modes

In beam mode, it achieves a hard, concentrated beam with intentional hotspot. The static gobo wheel is available for further shaping the light beam, and the rotating prisms can be used for dynamics. As soon as the second or third gobo wheel is used, the spotlight automatically switches to spot mode. In this mode, the images are then absolutely even and clean, ideal for projections. All three gobo wheels can be combined here. The motorized focus ensures the necessary sharpness in all areas.

With the frost filter, the BSW-380 from Eurolite becomes a wash light. Even in this mode, the light output remains surprisingly bright, by the way. The image can also be adjusted in size with the frost filter thanks to the zoom and colored thanks to the color wheel. A total of 13 colors are available on this, all of which can also be set in intermediate positions.

Eurolite TMH BSW-380

Technical data

  • Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Total connected load: 490 W
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Protection class: SK I
  • Power connection: Power supply via P-Con (blue), built-in version Power connection cable with safety plug (included)
  • Power output: P-Con (gray), built-in version
  • Fuse: 5 x 20 mm, T 8 A
  • Lamp type: discharge lamp
  • Max. TILT: Exact positioning (16 bit resolution) 230° Auto position correction (feedback)
  • Max. PAN: Exact positioning (16-bit resolution) 540° Auto position correction (feedback)
  • Flash rate: 1 - 18 Hz
  • Features: prism 16x; prism 8x; prism rotating; gobo wheel with static gobos; gobo wheel with rotating gobos; focus motorized; zoom motorized; frost filter
  • Color generation: Color wheel with 13 dichroic colors and open
  • Gobos: gobo wheel with rotating gobos, 7 gobos and open, shake effect, slot-in gobo system for gobo change without tools, gobos interchangeable, gobo wheel with static gobos, 11 gobos and open, shake effect, gobo wheel with static gobos, 5 gobos and open, shake effect
  • DMX channels: 22; 26
  • DMX input: 3-pin XLR (M) built-in version
  • DMX output: 3-pin XLR (W) built-in version
  • Cooling: fan
  • Control: stand-alone; DMX; music control via microphone; master/slave function; QuickDMX via USB (optional); W-DMX by Wireless Solution via USB (optional); CRMX by LumenRadio via USB (optional); Light Captain
  • Beam angle: 4
  • Beam angle (1/2 peak): 4 - 35°
  • Housing color: Black
  • Display type: Multi-color LCD display Battery backup
  • Brand usage: OSRAM bulb
  • Width: 39.5 cm
  • Depth: 30.5 cm
  • Height: 63.0 cm
  • Weight: 22,70 kg
Eurolite TMH BSW-380

Scope of Delivery:

  • Connection cable included: Yes
  • Omega Bracket included: Yes
  • Lamp included: Yes
  • User's Manual: Yes


  • Manufacturer: Eurolite
  • Light Type: Special type
  • Light Source: Entladungslampe
  • Power Output (Watt): 371
  • Number of Lamps: 1
  • Nuimber of Gobo Wheels: 3
  • Gobo Rotation Wheel 1: Yes
  • Gobo Rotation Wheel 2: No
  • Colour Mix: 1 Colour wheel
  • Prism: Yes
  • Prism Rotation: Yes
  • Number of DMX Channels (max): 26
  • Dimmer: Yes
  • Motorized Focus: Yes
  • Zoom: Yes
  • Cooler: Yes
  • Frost Filter: Yes
  • Power Socket: Power Twist
  • DMX Socket: 3-pole XLR (in/out)
  • Length (cm): 39
  • Width (cm): 30.5
  • Height (cm): 63
  • Weight (kg): 22.7
Eurolite TMH BSW-380 Moving-Head Beam/Spot/Wash Product ImageEurolite TMH BSW-380 Moving-Head Beam/Spot/Wash
€ 1,699.00

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