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Fulltone ABY-HT ABY- Box B-Stock Hard Touch Fußschalter

Item: GIT0024980-000
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The Fulltone True-Path ABY-HT Guitar ABY Box is a high-quality transparent switcher that offers completely silent sw...  All product info

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ABY- Box with switchable buffers

The Fulltone True-Path ABY-HT Guitar ABY Box is a high-quality transparent switcher that offers completely silent switching. The ABY-HT has a hard click in the switch which is only for the driver's feel and not evident through the amp.

No pops, no ticks, and no electrocutions, thanks to a Nickel core custom-wound 1:1 transformer that doesn't boost the treble frequencies like the "industry standard" Jensen transformer does, so fuzzes played through the True-Path sound round and distortions don't sound strident. Fulltone can hear it, so can you.

Using the most advanced 4 opto switching system ever, yet also offering the purest signal. Fulltone developed our photocells over the last year with a rather patient optocoupler manufacturer, and Fulltone cells only have around only 50 ohms series resistance compared to the Vactecs (which all other optocoupler switchers use) offering a whopping 300-400 ohms of series resistance to your guitar's signal.

Each channel has switchable JFET Buffers to drive long lengths of cables without any tone loss. Want it clean & clear for Fuzztones? Fuzz pedals like to be hit with High impedance signal like your pickups produce. Buffers are Low Impedance, so if you are a Fuzz connoisseur simply turn off the buffer on the ABY channel that goes to your Fuzzes.

Fulltone knows the other ABY's says they're silent... but truth is they have a slight "thump" that becomes a loud "BOOM" when splitting say a Twin Reverb and Vintage Plexi Marshall.

Do not confuse this with a simple metal box and 2 switches that comprise 99% of the ABY's out there. Those sound ok UNTIL your signal chain reaches 20 feet or more... UNTIL you hit "Both" and the signal is loaded down to oblivion, or UNTIL you get electrocuted because of grounding issues due to the absence of an Isolation Transformer that the True-Path has!

And don't think that your tone is going to suck because you see the inside of the True-Path and think that your signal is going through a bunch of circuitry. No Audio signal passes through the switches or ANY of that circuity! Your signal is going through ONE RESISTOR in the True-Path (that's the optocoupler), or if you choose, it will go through a tone-full JFET unity gain buffer that is rich and sweet, and perhaps a custom wound Nickel-core Audio transformer (B channel only).

All that gadgetry in the True-Path is simply to light up those 4 optocoupler in a way that they don't POP when switching between amps...NONE of your guitar signal goes through that.

It's pure, it's True-Path, it's Fulltone.

The main features of the Fulltone True-Path ABY-HT Guitar ABY Box include:

  • Tonally-transparent ABY guitar switcher
  • Use it to switch one guitar between two amps, or two guitars with one amp
  • Switchable JFET buffer changes your signal to low-impedance to drive long cable chains
  • Phase switch lets you correct phase issues between two amplifiers
  • Custom optocoupler circuit has ultra-low resistance for transparent operation
  • Truly silent switching - no pops or clicks!
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4" jack
  • Outputs: 2 x 1/4" jack
  • White finish
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 5.25 x 4 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.44 lbs.



  • Manufacturer: Fulltone
  • Type: A/B Box
  • Design: Floor Pedal
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