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NUVO Clarineo weiß-blau Standard Set

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Item and packaging with small signs of usage  All product info

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NUVO Clarineo White-Grenn Standard Set

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  • Manufacturer: NUVO

NUVO Clarineo Black-Silver Standard Set

NUVO Clarineo Black-Silver Standard Set Product Image
  • Manufacturer: NUVO
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NUVO Clarineo White-Pink Standard Set

NUVO Clarineo White-Pink Standard Set Product Image
  • Manufacturer: NUVO
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NUVO Clarinéo, weiß-blau

Item and packaging with small signs of usage
Clarinet in C tuning, white-blue

The Nuvo NCR2 C-Clarinet White With Blue Trim is a white C-Clarinet with a blue trim, a lightweight polymer resin body, and uses traditional and synthetic reeds. A beginner’s instrument with a professional tone, ideally suited for school programmes and beginners of all ages, the Clarinéo is a clarinet in the key of C. It is made from lightweight polymer resins which make it easy to handle, extremely durable and 100% waterproof.  It is assembled from just 3 parts which makes it quick and easy to set up and put away at the beginning and end of lessons. The bell has a simple bayonet fitting while the mouthpiece has o-ring seals. The Clarinéo uses traditional cane reeds (Eb Clarinet) as well as synthetic beginners reeds, both of which are provided with each instrument. The tone is smooth and sophisticated and lends additional colour and depth to any ensemble and enables beginners to sound professional right from the start. The instrument requires little to no maintenance as it has durable silicone rubber pads and the springs are integral with the keys. The range is fully chromatic over three and a half octaves so is suitable for any music from jazz to Mozart. The snap shut ligature is quick and easy to operate for small hands. No need to fiddle with screws and it holds the reed securely while allowing for quick repositioning if necessary.

The Clarinéo uses an Eb Clarinet cane reed or the Nuvo beginners synthetic reed. Each instrument is supplied with one cane reed and two synthetic beginners reeds. The synthetic reed lasts much longer than a cane reed, does not need to be wet to play, resists damage - and does not grow mold!. It is easy-blowing and great for getting started before moving on to the cane reed. The synthetic reed also has a location rib which engages with the mouthpiece table to ensure correct positioning. The Clarinéo body is constructed in 3 parts from high tech polymer resins. This means that the instrument is super-lightweight, extremely durable and quick and easy to assemble. Due to it's durable construction we encourage students to keep the instrument assembled and out of the case for more frequent practice. See our desk stand and wall hangers which are ideal for keeping our instruments safely and conveniently close to hand.

The Clarinéo key springs are an integral part of each key and are molded from a high grade acetyl copolymer resin. This makes them extremely responsive and reliable through years of high intensity usage. Each batch of key material is tested in our laboratory for half a million depressions and shows no sign of wear or reduction in spring tension. The pads are made from high grade silicone rubber which means they are 100% waterproof and extremely durable. They are also designed to be self-levelling which means they require little to no maintenance as they cannot go out of adjustment even under the most intensive playing conditions. The tone holes on the Clarinéo are smaller than those on the Bb Clarinet. This makes it easier for small fingers to cover the holes. The average six year old can get down to low G on his or her first lesson.

The Clarinéo has stainless steel rollers for comfortable and fast action between pinky keys. Some teachers may be worried about the Clarinéo not having alternative pinky keys. There are two reasons why this really does not matter. The child could later change to (or add) the saxophone, oboe or bassoon, where the pinky slides between keys. Secondly, learning to use the new keys takes a week at most; so the 6 or 7 year-old who does go on to the B-flat clarinet is 3 or 4 years less one week in advance of those who waited until they were 9 or 10. Since the Clarinéo is pitched in C it means there is vastly more music for a student to choose from than there is for a Bb clarinet. A student can choose from any vocal, recorder, flute or violin music (or from any other treble clef music pitched in C). It also makes it much easier for teachers to blend the Clarinéo into existing junior or elementary programmes where piano, recorders and simple percussion are being used. Please check out our One Year Class Teaching Programme for Clarinéo, voice and percussion.

The Clarinéo is less than half the weight of a Bb Clarinet which means the pressure on the supporting right hand thumb is much less. This encourages students to practice more frequently and they can play for longer without pain. The thumb rest is fully adjustable so that it can be placed in the ideal position to suit the student. The lightweight construction and easy key action makes the Clarinéo ideal for seniors who may want to try out for the first time or even revisit glory days of the past! Our most senior Nuvo student is 86 years young! The bayonet fitting makes the bell quick and easy to assemble. No cork!

The main features of the Nuvo NCR2 C-Clarinet White With Blue Trim include:

  • Snap Shut Ligature
  • Synthetic Beginners Reeds
  • Lightweight, Durable Body Construction
  • Acoustics By Ted Planas
  • Fast, Relaible Key Action
  • Self-Levelling Silicone Pads
  • Small Tone Holes
  • Stainless Steel Rollers
  • Key of C - Ideal for Teaching Programmes
  • Fully Adjustable Thumb Rest
  • Suitable for Seniors Too!
  • Colour: White with blue trim


  • Manufacturer: NUVO
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