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Wersi SONIC OAX600LS Black Metallic - Loudspeaker and bench included

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WERSI SONIC is the result of the use of the latest technologies, the results of consistent further development and intensive...  All product info

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Wersi SONIC OAX600 Black Metallic - Bench included

Wersi SONIC OAX600 Black Metallic - Bench included Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Wersi
  • Width (cm): 123.0
  • Height (cm): 98.0
  • Depth (cm): 62.0
€ 16,990.00

Wersi SONIC OAX600 Pearl White - Bench included

Wersi SONIC OAX600 Pearl White - Bench included Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Wersi
  • Width (cm): 123.0
  • Height (cm): 98.0
  • Depth (cm): 62.0
€ 16,990.00

Wersi SONIC OAX600LS Pearl White - Loudspeaker and bench included

Wersi SONIC OAX600LS Pearl White - Loudspeaker and bench included Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Wersi
€ 18,990.00
€ 18,990.00
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Product information - WERSI SONIC OAX600 LS BK

Organ black high gloss with integrated loudspeakers

WERSI SONIC is the result of the use of the latest technologies, the results of consistent further development and intensive market observation. With this instrument, WERSI is once again raising the bar of what is technically feasible. The large high-resolution touch display in 16:9 format is the largest display ever installed in the field of keyboard instruments. The SONIC can be operated very comfortably via this large display. But not only the size of the display makes operation easy. Even more important is the new operating concept.

Wersi OAX-600 LS Easy Mode Wersi OAX-600 LS Profi Mode

The EASY PLAY concept

After switching on the instrument, only the most important operating elements are displayed. Everything as it can be found on the instrument. First the Total Preset at the top, with which you can change everything at the touch of a button. Then the upper manual, below the lower manual and at the very bottom bass and accompaniment. Tap a tone on the control panel and a page with the corresponding instruments opens. And just like on a modern smartphone, you can "move on" the tabs. The same applies to the lower manual, the bass and the accompanying section. You will be amazed that you can operate the SONIC in EASY-MODE without instructions! Briefly touch a register twice, then another control panel appears on the display, but only that which you need at the moment. Simply great to use and you can enjoy the great sound of the instruments without having to struggle through large instruction manuals.

Of course, you can also switch the SONIC to professional mode if you want to put more than three sounds on top of each other. Then everything becomes more extensive - but is still no witchcraft. The new PROFI-MODE allows you to distribute up to 16 tones to the manuals and many other settings.

Unique WERSI tones

The Sonic not only impresses with its large display and simple operation. It's the great sounds made possible by newly developed audio boards. Listen to the winds, the convincing grand piano, the choirs, the great strings with huge kettledrums in the low keys. The many highly topical synthesizer sounds that can otherwise only be found on the most expensive synthesizers. And of course the fascinating organ sounds, which can be operated via drawbars. What a pleasure to slowly pull you out and enjoy the change in organ sound. Special sound effects can be controlled via the After Touch function, which is available on both manuals of the SONIC. For example, control the vibrato of the panpipe by pressing the key slightly. Open the filter on synthesizer tones or turn your trumpets into fantastic shake trumpets. You can't describe it - you just have to feel it.

Wersi OAX-600 LS Zugriegel

WERSI Drawbars

Admittedly, nothing grips itself more beautifully than the drawbars of an organ! This"full" feeling when pulling it out... simply inspires every organ fan. With the WERSI Drawbar Sound you play the classic WERSI sound and via the WERSI VB3 you are very close to the old electromechanical sound: Yes it is the sound of the old mechanical sound wheels! Pull out one drawbar after the other and then switch the rotor to slow or fast - the sound will knock you off your stool or better... from the organ bench!

Korg PA-600 LS Synthlead

Integrated synthesizer

A professional and very flexible synthesizer has been integrated into the WERSI SONIC. With three oscillators, analog and wavetable synthesis, bold unisono waveform and multimode filters, over 400 modern synthetic tones are available. The arpeggiator convinces with fantastic arpeggio patterns.

Wersi OAX-600 LS Piano

Fantastic grand piano sounds

Experience the natural and unmistakable sound of a large concert grand piano, whose sound diversity covers all musical genres such as classical, jazz, musical and pop. Six dynamic layers plus an additional soundboard with a memory capacity of 1 gigabyte are available so that you can reach the entire sound spectrum from soft pianissimo to powerful fortissimo. An absolute piano experience on the new WERSI SONIC!

Wersi OAX-600 LS Streicher

Fabulous strings

Whether moving film music, sophisticated classical compositions or emotionally charged ballads - here you will find a symphony and a chamber orchestra with strings, brass and woodwinds and fantastic orchestra percussion at the push of a button. No more tedious composing of individual tones - finally you can concentrate on the essentials. You will conduct and play your SONIC orchestra with much joy and enthusiasm!

Wersi OAX-600 Chor

Realistic Choirs

The SONIC offers extremely realistic and expressive choral tones. Whether jazzy scat singing, classical choir or modern pop vocals! In the SONIC you will find the right choir for your music.

Wersi OAX-600 LS Akkordeon

Real accordion sounds

As soon as you select Accordion-Live, an original accordion register bar appears in the display. If you switch from one tab to the other, you will also hear the original toggle click. And then the sounds! Unbelievable! You can find all common accordion sounds. Genuine sonorous Hohner Morino sounds, the beautiful double octave sound (4 feet with 16 feet) or the famous French musette accordion, in which the individual choirs are slightly out of tune with each other and thus produce the lively floating musette sound. It is very effective for playing French accordion chansons or the world-famous Styrian button accordion sounds.

Wersi OAX-600 LS Accompaniment

Sonic Companion Tape

The incredibly realistic drum grooves (real drums) are real drum sounds that have been recorded and stored in the recording studio with many microphones. The bass sounds are just as good. The electric bass or the acoustic bass. These two also look incredibly real and fascinating. Furthermore, a modern multimedia player is available for many formats.

Wersi OAX-600 LS Output-Mixer

State-of-the-art hardware and software

A new audio board with excellent technical data has been developed for the OAX system. This results in the clear and warm sound of the organ. WINDOWS 10 64bit and the powerful PC components such as a strong CPU, fast RAM and the SSD hard disk are the basis for a modern and future-oriented musical instrument.

Repair service via internet

If an instrument used to be defective, a technician had to come in. This is no longer necessary in 90% of all cases at Wersi. Thanks to the latest computer technology, with which all Der neue Wersi organs are equipped, most errors can be corrected online. After consultation with you, our service will connect to your organ via the Internet and locate and correct the error. At the same time, we often use the latest software
, which has enabled us to successfully repair many organs worldwide

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