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Bastl Instruments Noise Square noise + square source

Item: SYN0005244-000
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Noise Square provides useful noise and square waveform signals. WHITE noise and PINK noise are generated analog, whereas all ot...  All product info

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Noise Square

Noise & Square Generator

Noise Square provides useful noise and square waveform signals. WHITE noise and PINK noise are generated analog, whereas all other sound sources are generated digitally. The METALIC noise corresponds to the six oscillator sound banks as they occur in an 808, with the difference that the waveforms are generated digitally here and then summed analogously. The METALIC & DIGITAL oscillators can be tuned by control knobs and their pitch can be controlled by CV. The SQUARE and COW outputs share a trigger input but COW has an additional signal output to get to the cowbell sound quickly and easily. There are two CV inputs to control the digital sound sources. A switch controls whether the first CV input is used for METALIC noise or for DIGITAL noise tuning. The second CV input is equally responsible for SQUARE and COW. The CV inputs react to voltages between 0-10V.


  • two analog noise generators for WHITE and PINK noise
  • four digital signal sources
  • SQUARE is a simple square wave signal
  • COW offers a combined SQUARE waveform signal with additional frequency as a basis for the cowbell sound
  • METALIC offers six rectangular oscillators, which are summed up in frequency references to the TR- 08 analog, which can be used as a basis for the production of Hi Hat and cymbal sounds.
  • DIGITAL is a digital noise source whose output signals can be tuned
  • digital signals with different square components (808) are summed analog
  • Tuning control via METALIC, DIGITAL and SQUARE and COW
  • common CV input for SQUARE and COW signals
  • additional CV input with switch to select whether METALIC or DIGITAL is controlled via this CV input
  • CV inputs react to voltages between 0-10V
  • handmade in Brno, Czech republic
  • Front panel made of oak wood
  • handmade custom knobs
  • opensource firmware, hackable
  • 5 HP/HP
  • 35mm deep (skiff friendly)
  • Power supply +12: <15mA, -12: <15mA, +5:<20mA
  • requires additional 5V power supply on the bus board


  • Manufacturer: Bastl Instruments
  • TE / HP: 5
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