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The Harvestman Sound of Thunder Tyme Seyfari Breakout

Item: SYN0005392-000
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The Harvestman presents the A Sound of Thunder, the official expander for the loop sampler Tyme Sefari Mark II. With this mo...  All product info

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The Harvestman A Sound of Thunder

Tyme Sefari Breakout / Expander

The Harvestman presents the A Sound of Thunder, the official expander for the loop sampler Tyme Sefari Mark II. With this module, the Eurorack Modular System is extended by a series of switches and gate controls, which enable additional modes (Audio Format Control, Pitch Shift Mode, Stereo Mode, Circuit Bending), but can also be used as additional I/O for stereo operation.

The Harvestman A Sound of Thunder: Expander

As an expander of the Tyme Sefari Mark II, The Harvestman's Sound of Thunder offers four additional modes, represented by a total of eight toggle switches and gate inputs. The gate inputs are addressed by tilting the corresponding switches or applying a 5V gate signal to the input. The gate jacks allow full remote control of the Tyme Sefari recording mode.

A Sound of Thunder: Audio Format Control

The two upper toggle switches of the Sound of Thunder control the audio format that the Tyme Sefari records and stores internally. Depending on the position of the switches, you can choose between 16-bit linear, 12-bit linear, 12-bit logarithmic and 8-bit linear. Tyme Sefari works regularly in 16-bit mode without an expander. The 12-bit linear mode is of slightly lower quality. However, the last two modes allow double the recording time.

Pitch shift mode

The Pitch switch allows a coarse pitch shift effect, which is adjustable via the knob and CV input. Bizarre frequency steps or crystallizer effects are achieved by feedback. Pitch Shift control of the Sound of Thunder changes the playback speed of the audio material by one octave above or below the original recording.

Stereo Mode

By turning the Stereo Mode switch the Audio Input/Output and the Attenuator of the Sound of Thunder are switched on. Recording and playback of the Tyme Sefari are in stereo from this moment on. Since this mode requires a lot of memory, it can only be used temporarily for mono recordings.

circuit bending

Circuit bending is made possible on the Sound of Thunder by a group of four switches that distort the internal data of the Tyme Sefari in an unpredictable way. Depending on the sampling rate, the properties of the incoming audio material and the loop settings, the module creates a completely crazy sound experience. Periodic triggering of these four switches with external gates, live recording and feedback guarantees the entry into a world of sound into which only those who were brave enough to modify old digital keyboards by experimental circuit bending have penetrated so far.


  • Manufacturer: The Harvestman
  • TE / HP: 3
  • Type of Modul: Misc. Tools