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Nektar Impact GX 61 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

Artículo: SYN0005291-000
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The Nektar Impact GX61 Controller Keyboard is a compact, dynamic and expressive instrument that is tailored for comp...  Toda la información del producto

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Nektar Impact GX 49 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

Nektar Impact GX 49 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller Imagen del producto
  • fabricante: Nektar
  • tipo de construcción / número de teclas: 49
  • dinámica: Sí
  • Curva de dinámica ajustable: Sí
  • Pitchbend, Modwheel: Pitchbend und Modwheel
  • ...
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The Nektar Impact GX61 Controller Keyboard is a compact, dynamic and expressive instrument that is tailored for composition and performance with your computer.

The GX61 is packed full of functionality and control. With 61 velocity sensitive keys, pitch-bend wheel, modulation wheel and foot switch socket. Two multi-coloured octave buttons enable shifting the keyboard range up or down -3/+4 octaves with the LED colours changing to show the exact status, Impact GX is well equipped to deliver a great workflow. Transpose buttons are dedicated to shifting the keyboard range up to +/- 12 semi-tones. These buttons can quickly be re-purposed to change the Global MIDI Channel or send Program messages. Additionally an assignable potentiometer provides control over any MIDI parameter, by default controls mixer volume.

At the centre of the Impact GX are eight buttons intended for DAW control. You will no longer need to reach for a mouse every time you want to do the highly repetitive tasks like transport activation or navigating tracks, as these eight buttons can be assigned to do such tasks. Used with Nektar DAW integration, the 8 buttons extend functionality to include control over transport and a host of other important DAW functions, right from Impact GX.

Crafted to give you the best experience with your Nektar hardware, Nektar DAW integration delivers the freedom to create, instead of having to reach for the mouse constantly when you are in the middle of capturing an idea. Once the installation is complete, Impact GX offers an extended feature set, normally unavailable on a compact controller. Transport control with ability to go to and set locators, track navigation, volume control, and launching windows and patch navigation is all available right from Impact GX.

As well as a DAW controller, the Impact GX is a MIDI controller. If you use MIDI software that's not supported by Nektar DAW Integration, a host of options are available for you to set up MIDI control yourself. The 14 assignable MIDI buttons, modulation wheel, foot switch and big control knob can be assigned to send out MIDI cc messages. The setup menu also enables Program messages, Bank LSB/MSB to be sent out on the fly as well as settings for selecting one of the 4 velocity curves, setting the Global MIDI Channel assigning the transpose buttons.

The GX61 is a low powered USB device, meaning that it works with all USB devices featuring a Class compliant MIDI driver. This includes all versions of Windows from XP and higher, Apple OS X 10.5 and higher plus Linux (as long as a USB MIDI driver package is installed).

Furthermore, you can easily hook up your Impact GX keyboard to an Apple iPad using the optional Apple Camera Connection Kit. Of course the Impact GX is powered by the iPad so you can work away for as long as your iPad remains charged.

Included with every Impact GX is Bitwig 8-Track recording software, allowing you to start producing, performing, and designing sounds like a pro from day one. Bitwig gives you access to over 50 software instruments and effects for use on up to 8 audio or MIDI project tracks, and you can use any 3rd party VST plug-ins you might own too if you like. Nektar DAW Integration supports Bitwig 8-Track so using Nektar Impact GX and Bitwig 8-Track together is a fantastic combination. If you are just starting out you will find it’s the perfect way to take your first steps in the world of digital music creation.

The main features of the Nektar Impact GX61 Controller Keyboard include:

  • 61 full-sized velocity sensitive keyboard
  • 4 velocity curves + 3 fixed
  • O ctave up/down buttons with LED indicators
  • Transpose up/down buttons with LED indicators (assignable to send Global MIDI Channel or Program)
  • 7 x Transport buttons with secondary level for 14 MIDI controls.
  • Pitch bend wheel
  • Modulation wheel (MIDI assignable)
  • Potentiometer / control knob (MIDI assignable)
  • Power on/off switch (back)
  • 1/4” TS jack foot switch input (MIDI Assignable)
  • USB port on rear panel, and USB bus powered
  • Connects to iPad via Apple Camera Connection Kit (not supplied)
  • USB Class compliant, no driver is needed for:
  • Apple iOS, Apple OSX, Windows XP, or higher, Linux (MIDI driver software required)
  • Dimensions: 38"(L) x 7 3/4"(D) 2 3/4"(H)
  • Weight: 6 Lbs


  • fabricante: Nektar
  • tipo de construcción / número de teclas: 61
  • dinámica: Sí
  • Curva de dinámica ajustable: Sí
  • Pitchbend, Modwheel: Pitchbend und Modwheel
  • Interfaz MIDI USB: Sí
  • conexión de pedal CC: Sí
  • peso (kg): 2,7
  • alimentación de corriente: Alimentado por USB
  • Altura (cm): 6,99
  • Ancho (cm): 96,52
  • profundidad (cm): 19,69
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