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Pioneer DJ S-DJ80X 8" Monitor Studio / DJ negro

Artículo: DJE0004882-000
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The Pioneer S-DJ80X Active DJ Monitor Speaker is made for serious DJ enthusiasts who demand a high performance, full...  Toda la información del producto

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Pioneer - S-DJ80X 8" Studio / DJ Monitor schwarz

The Pioneer S-DJ80X Active DJ Monitor Speaker is made for serious DJ enthusiasts who demand a high performance, full-range speaker system for their studio or home DJ set-up. The S-DJ80X is Pioneer’s top of the range DJ Speaker from the new DJX range and delivers maximum power and a frequency range that will make you tremble. The S-DJ80X features an 8” driver for maximum bass response, whilst the aramid fibre construction retains the punchy edge the DJX range has been designed specifically to achieve in order to deliver a slamming kick-drum – ideal for modern dance music aficionados.

The Pioneer DJ80X fills a void in the market, where most active speakers are designed to be completely flat for music production and therefore sound a bit limp when playing back audio that has been mastered for huge club sound-systems. Not the DJ80X, though, as this speaker is made for DJ’s looking to practise their art to the max or impress their guests at those impromptu weekend house-parties. Pioneer, being the pioneers that they are, haven’t built these speakers just to be powerful , but have realised that with the advent of hi-fidelity audio formats such as CD and hi-resolution MP3, modern music needs high quality speakers to get the most out of it - and the DJ80X are designed to do just that.

Because the Pioneer DJX range of active speakers are built for DJ’s, rather than producers, the designers have been able to concentrate on better sounding speakers rather than accurate flat levels. Thanks to their close relationship one of the world’s leading experts in speaker design, TAD Labs, the DJX speakers are simply brimming with technology. The 1” soft dome tweeter makes use of TAD’s proprietary DECO (Diffusion Effectual Convexity by Olson) technology, which use convex diffusers to improve the spatial separation of high frequencies and create a panoramic, wide 3D effect. The 8” woofer is made from space-age aramid fibers, which are literally bullet-proof, and produce an extremely tight, robust, punchy sound – the maxim of modern dance music – but also gives a generous helping of bass, right down to a throbbing 40Hz. Add to this the front-ported bass reflex system which throws out even more sumptuous low-end and you have the complete article – a club sound-system for your home or studio DJ set-up.

The Class AB bi-amplifier within the S-DJ80X is designed to split the signal and amplify the high and low frequencies independently before sending on to the tweeter and woofer to provide a perfect balance of tone and power. On the S-DJ80X the division of power is a monstrous 125w to the woofer and 35w to the tweeter. The result is a booming SPL of 115dB – more than enough for your neighbours to enjoy your mixes too. Other DJ friendly features are the Auto Stand-By mode which will put the speaker to sleep when there is no audio going through, a treble switch balance the sound to your taste and your space, and all the inputs you need (RCA, balanced jack and XLR) to ensure you are never struggling to find the right cable!

The Pioneer S-DJ80X Active DJ Monitor Speaker features:

  • Purpose-built DJ speaker for home/studio or live monitoring use
  • Bi-amped, 160w active monitor
  • Front ported bass-reflex system for improved bass response and wall mounting
  • Tweeter: 1” soft dome
  • Woofer: 8” aramid fibre
  •  Frequency response: 40Hz – 20kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 115dB
  • Amplifier Output (rated output): Class AB bi-amp, LF – 125w (50w), HF – 35w (20w)
  • Inputs: RCA, Balanced Jack, XLR
  • Input impedance: 10 kΩ
  • Level control: -∞ dB ~ +6 dB
  • HF level adjust: -2 dB/-1 dB/0 dB/+1 dB
  • Power consumption: 160w
  • Maximumum External Dimensions: 276 x 401 x 315mm
  • Weight: 11.8Kg (unpacked)



  • fabricante: Pioneer
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