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Shure PSM 300 Premium In-Ear System

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PSM 300 In-Ear Monitoring System (H8E 518 - 542 MHz) Reliable and efficient equipment is essential for every event. With SHUR...  Toda la información del producto

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SHURE PSM 300 Premium In-Ear System

PSM 300 In-Ear Monitoring System (H8E 518 - 542 MHz)

Reliable and efficient equipment is essential for every event. With SHUREs PSM 300 Premium in-Ear System the soundengineer as well as the musician can be on the safe side and pay more attention to the show.


P3T transmitter

Everybody on stage desires a perfect and personal monitor mix. With the P3T everything is possible to satisfie your needs on stage, in the studio or in rehearsal rooms. The transmitter not only delivers a 24 bit sound full of detail but also a stable and transparent signal because of its audio reference companding.The design is very intuitive, there are only the most necessary knobs and functions and the enclosure is road qualified. With only one knob the P3T scans the environment and connects with the P3RA via infrared. Moreover it´s possible to connect the transmitter with other audiosources or more P3Ts.

Transmitter, front and back

P3RA receiver

Suitable for the transmitter: the equally reliable, compact and efficient P3RA receiver! It works with the same scan and sync technology as
the P3T and also delivers a high quality 24-bit signal. On the front you can see the LCD menu which allows adjustments relating to EQ, limiter,
Mix- and StereoMode while on the top you can set your volume. Of course the mounting on guitarbelts is possible, too.

Receiver, open and closed

SE215 In-Ears

To complete the set, SHURE added qualitative In-Ears which reduce the noise from your environment up to 90%. They are developed for musicians on loud stages so that they´re able to perform in every situation. But of course you can use it in combination with every Mp3-Player as well. The Dynamic MicroDriver delivers a warm, bright Sound with a dynamic bass and makes every song and signal into a great listening. Another special are the removable and rotary cable for maximum flexibility.



  • HF Frequencyzone: 10 - 30 mW 
  • Range: up to 90m
  • SNR: 90 dB 
  • Stereo
  • compatible systems per frequency band (upt o): 15
  • incl. wireless receiver
  • Personal Mix Control
  • running time: 4-5,5h with AA Batteries / 5,5-7h with SB900 
  • Frequency range: 38 Hz - 15 kHz
  • Latency: 0,5 ms


  • 2 audiochannels
  • 24-bit processing
  • Audio Reference Companding
  • up to 90 dB SNR
  • wide stereo image
  • Stable transmittion up to 90 m
  • MixMode,StereoMode
  • Scan und Sync function
  • rack-kit inc.


  • robust
  • intuitive LCD menu
  • functions: EQ, Volume, Limiter
  • Frequency scan and IR Sync
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • running time ca 5,5 h
  • Power and batterie status LED
  • 5-Segment batterie status display
  • Power Save Mode 


  • Scan und Sync
  • 24 MHz HF Bandwith 
  • 6,3 mm TRS and Loop-Out
  • intuitive LCD menu
  • removable antennas
  • External power supply


  • Dynamic MicroDriver
  • flexible and removable cable


  • fabricante: Shure
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