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Yamaha Tyros 5 76 Entertainer Gold

Artículo: KEY0004467-000
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The Yamaha Tyros5-76 Arranger Workstation Keyboard Entertainer Gold is a performance keyboard that provides professi...  Toda la información del producto

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Yamaha Tyros 5 61 Entertainer Gold

Yamaha Tyros 5 61 Entertainer Gold Imagen del producto
  • fabricante: Yamaha
  • tipo de construcción / número de teclas: 61
  • dinámica: Sí
  • generación de sonido: Digital
  • Stylearranger: Sí
  • ...
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The Yamaha Tyros5-76 Arranger Workstation Keyboard Entertainer Gold is a performance keyboard that provides professional sounds, advanced DSP effects and great rhythm styles that will make you feel like you are playing with professional musicians on stage. The Tyros5 keyboards offer professional functionality whether you are composing ideas, putting together arrangements or wanting to perform live.

Over 300 new voices have been added to the Tyros5 bringing fresh brass, guitars, synth, electric pianos and upright pianos. S.Art2 Voices provides high quality sounds which can recreate the experience of playing an actual instrument accurately. Ensemble Voice provides true ‘divisi’ playing which will ensure a correct representation of an ensemble playing. Organ World provides vintage, home, euro, concert and theatre organ voices, all meticulously sampled to provide an accurate reproduction.

Audio Styles has a further 40 percussion-based styles and can be used with Yamaha’s Time Stretch Technology to ensure everything is in the correct timing and pitch. The Tyros5 has high quality DSP effects including Real Distortion and Real Reverb to name a few, and can all be used with intuitive graphical displays. Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) will add a warmer sound reminiscent of analogue gear.

The Tyros5 benefits from a high performance audio engine which can playback and record audio, and is also able to manipulate audio to create karaoke style tracks in the pitch and tempo you require. Audio Link Multi Pad allows you to link audio files and trigger them from the Pads during your performance.

Powerful time stretch and pitch shift capabilities allow for accurate tempo changes without changing the key of the song or change the pitch without changing the tempo, the option is there. The Tyros5 is capable of three split points across the keyboard, has a cross fader for adjusting volume between MIDI playback and audio playback, and has a panel lock feature which prevents any settings from being changed.

The “Entertainer Gold” pack includes a FL1024M Expansion Memory Module and voucher codes to download two Expansion Packs, “Entertainer 2016” and “Euro Dance 2016”. The Expansion Packs offer a total of 140 additional styles, 80 Voices, 22 MultiPads and 27 Registration Banks, which are perfect for Tyros5 players performing genres such as Entertainer, Schlager, Volksmusik, Ballroom, Swing, Pop, Rock, Disco, Dance and House. More than 50 of the styles have been specially created for performing up-to-date hits and classic favourites.

The main features of the Yamaha Tyros5-76 Arranger Workstation Keyboard Entertainer Gold include:

  • 76-Note Arranger Workstation Keyboard
  • Initial Touch / Aftertouch Keys
  • Multi Pads Include 4x Pads & 190x Banks
  • 1279x Voices, 480x XG Voices, 37x Drum/SFX Kits
  • Max Polyphony: 128
  • DSP Effects
  • Vocal Harmony
  • 539x Accompaniment Styles
  • 16-Track Recording
  • 1x Headphone Jack
  • Foot Pedals: 1x Sustain, 1x Articulation, 1x Volume
  • 1x Microphone Combo XLR/TRS Jack
  • MIDI A In/Out, MIDI B In/Out
  • Aux In: L/L+R, R
  • Main Out L/L+R, R
  • Sub Out 1, 2
  • Sub Out 3, 4 / Aux Out
  • RGB Out
  • 2x USB to Device
  • 1x USB to Host
  • Dimensions: 1347 x 142 x 450 mm
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Includes: FL1024M Expansion Memory Module & Voucher Codes to Download “Entertainer 2016” & “Euro Dance 2016"


  • fabricante: Yamaha
  • tipo de construcción / número de teclas: 76
  • dinámica: Sí
  • generación de sonido: Digital
  • Stylearranger: Sí
  • Aftertouch: Sí
  • Curva de dinámica ajustable: Sí
  • número de Faders: 9
  • Pitchbend, Modwheel: Pitchbend und Modwheel
  • pantalla: Sí
  • Interfaz MIDI USB: Sí
  • conexión de auricular: Sí
  • conexión de pedal Sustain: Sí
  • Posibilidad de grabación: Grabador de audio y MIDI
  • medio de almacenamiento: Disco externo
  • interfaz Midi: Sí
  • LINE IN: Sí
  • LINE OUT: Sí
  • entradas de micrófono: Sí
  • conexión de pedal de volumen: Sí
  • peso (kg): 16,0
  • función lírica / score: Sí
  • Vocal Harmonizer: Sí
  • procesador de efectos integrados: Sí
  • número de sonidos: 1.796
  • número de estilos: 539
  • polifonía: 128
  • Split de teclado: Sí
  • alimentación de corriente: Fuente de alimentación interna
  • Ancho (cm): 134,7
  • Altura (cm): 14,2
  • profundidad (cm): 45,0

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