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DR Cordes basse,4er,40-100, SunBeam Tite, long diapason

Article : ACC0000514-000
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The DR E-Bass 4er Sun Beam 040 – 100 is a pack of high-quality 4-string electric bass guitar strings. Nickel p...  Toutes les informations sur le produit

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The DR E-Bass 4er Sun Beam 040 – 100 is a pack of high-quality 4-string electric bass guitar strings. Nickel plated on a round core, these durable strings offer a rich, punchy bass tone and long-string life, making them the obvious choice for touring bass players who demand longevity from their strings.

Sunbeams are another step forward on a continuing path for players who constantly seek to upgrade their skills and tools to achieve musical satisfaction. Sunbeams are the next generation of nickel-plated bass strings as they are wound on round cores. Sunbeams are a step forward for the traditional player and the advanced exponent of fretless bass player, both of whom want brightness and warmth.

The main features of the DR E-Bass 4er Sun Beam 040 – 100 include:

  • 4-String Electric Bass Guitar Strings
  • Long Scale
  • 040 – 100
  • Nickel Plated
  • Round Core


  • Fabricant: DR
  • Epaisseur: Light
  • Matériau: Nickel plated Steel
  • Type de cordes: Filet rond
  • Dimension: Diapason long
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