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SUZUKI Manji in H Diatonisch

Article : BLA0004201-000
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The Suzuki Manji Diatonic H Harmonica is a polished stainless steel harmonica in diatonic H key, made in Japan with ...  Toutes les informations sur le produit

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SUZUKI Manji in H

The Suzuki Manji Diatonic H Harmonica is a polished stainless steel harmonica in diatonic H key, made in Japan with ABS plastic combs, and engraved caps, and comes with a case. The Suzuki Manji harp is a harmonica that features advanced technological and functional beauty combined in this stunning 10-hole diatonic model. This revolutionary new diatonic harmonica is named after Mr. Manji Suzuki, the company's founder. He started with a single hand-built model 70 years ago, and has built Suzuki up into one of the world's premier harmonica manufacturers.

Harmonicas are Mr. Suzuki's passion and his life's work. The fact he is putting his own name on the Manji Harmonica is because those 70 years of dedication to perfection are condensed in this one impressive instrument. He is convinced that it will come to be regarded as one of the best harmonicas of the 21st century. The Manji harmonica comes in the key of H, and is made with a metal housing and 20 brass alloy reeds, and features an ABS-plastic comb. This harmonica comes with a plastic form case.

The main features of the Suzuki Manji Diatonic H Harmonica include:

  • Key: H (diatonic)
  • Reeds: 20
  • Housing material: Metal
  • Includes plastic form case
  • Comb: ABS-plastic
  • Brass alloy reeds
  • Weight: 0.11kg


  • Fabricant: SUZUKI
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