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Kawai CN-25 Black Digital Piano

Articolo: EPI0000831-000
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Kawai CN-25 Rosewood Digital Piano

Kawai CN-25 Rosewood Digital Piano Immagine prodotto
  • Produttore: Kawai
  • Superficie: Tulipier
  • Costruzione / Numero di tasti: 88
  • Hammer Action: Ja
  • Sensibile alla velocità: Yes
  • ...

Kawai CN-25 White Digital Piano

Kawai CN-25 White Digital Piano Immagine prodotto
  • Produttore: Kawai
  • Designazione colore: Weiß
  • Superficie: Opacizzato
  • Costruzione / Numero di tasti: 88
  • Hammer Action: Ja
  • ...
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KAWAI CN-25 Black

The Kawai CN-25, is the Japanese manufacturer newest model to reach the market. It is the result of decades of experience and expertise, the combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Who ever is looking for a natural, authentic Piano experience but doesn't have enough space for an acoustic piano or has noise sensitive neighbours, the Kawai CN-25 is the right choice!

The Responsive Hammer III keyboard mechanic of the Kawai CN-25 is springless design delivering a smooth and natural movement, impressing with the action and playability of a real grand piano! Each key is equipped with a counter weight, providing incredibly precise play and optimal control even in Pianissimo. Like with all high-quality digital pianos, in the Kawai CN-25 there a triple-sensor system which perfectly simulates the keyboard action of an acoustic piano. The CN-25 is finished with highly regarded Ivory Touch key surface coating which absorbs moisture and prevents dirt and grease from permeating the surface.

The KAWAI EX Concert Grand is considered on the best instruments among famous pianists. For the Kawai CN-25, each one of those 88 keys from that spectacular grand was painstakingly sampled. The first-class reverb effect allows every sound to be individually adjusted to simulate various surroundings.

A special feature of the Kawai CN-25 includes the "Virtual Technician" function. It includes the finest adjustment settings of the damper resonance and the Hammer return noise, as well as others.

Additional functions: a lesson function to support the learning Process (with Etudes from Czerny, Burgmüller and Beyer), a recording and playback function (MIDI and Audio!) and a USB connection to store songs externally, just to name a few. The Kawai CN-25 is equipped with all of the conventional features that digital piano should be. !!! 3 Years Music Store Warranty !!!

!!! 30 Days Money-back Guarantee !!!


  • Produttore: Kawai
  • Designazione colore: Schwarz
  • Superficie: Opacizzato
  • Costruzione / Numero di tasti: 88
  • Hammer Action: Ja
  • Sensibile alla velocità: Yes
  • Generazione sonora: Digital
  • Curva velocità regolabile: Ja
  • Interfaccia MIDI USB: Ja
  • Collegamento cuffie: Ja
  • Opzioni di montaggio: MIDI Linear Sequencer
  • Supporto di archiviazione: Interner Flashspeicher
  • Altoparlanti: Ja
  • Interfaccia MIDI: Ja
  • incl. Alimentatore: Ja
  • Peso (kg): 42,0
  • Processore effetti integrato: Yes
  • Numero di suoni: 19
  • Polifonia: 192
  • Alimentatore: Netzteil extern
  • Versione: Triplo pedale
  • Altezza (cm): 85,8
  • Larghezza (cm): 135,6
  • Profondità (cm): 40,1