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Sonor Smart voorce Xtend Studio, wijnrood #11

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The Sonor Smart Force Xtend Studio Drum Set Wine Red is a 5-piece complete drum set that consists of a 20"x17.5...  Alle productgegevens


Sonor Smart voorce Xtend Studio, Brushed blauw #08

Sonor Smart voorce Xtend Studio, Brushed blauw #08 Productafbeelding
  • Fabrikant: Sonor
  • Kleurbetekenis: Brushed Blue
  • Ketel hardware: Chroom
  • Formaat tom 1: 10" x 8"
  • Formaat tom 2: 12" x 9"
  • ...

Sonor Smart voorce Xtend Studio, zwart #10

Sonor Smart voorce Xtend Studio, zwart #10 Productafbeelding
  • Fabrikant: Sonor
  • Kleurbetekenis: Black
  • Ketel hardware: Chroom
  • Formaat tom 1: 10" x 8"
  • Formaat tom 2: 12" x 9"
  • ...
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SONOR Smart Force Xtend Studio Drum Set

The Sonor Smart Force Xtend Studio Drum Set Wine Red is a 5-piece complete drum set that consists of a 20"x17.5" bass drum, 10"x8" + 12"x9" tom toms, a 14"x14" floor tom, and a 14"x5.5" snare drum, and hardware and cymbals, as well as a throne. The Sonor Smart Force Series was designed especially for beginners at an uncompromisingly attractive price. Extremely interesting for all up-and-coming rockers, jazz cats, enthusiasts of metal or the blues - or any drummer who´s looking for a drum set that is sturdy, yet versatile. The Sonor Smart Force Xtend series is based on the specifications of the Smart Force series, while offering a complete Drum setup. Each setup comes with the Sonor Cast B8 Cymbal set, an additional Mini Boom Stand as well as a Drum Throne – out of the box and ready to play! The Xtend Drum sets are designed for beginners and advanced players taking their first steps into the Drum community. With its attractive price, this complete Drum set is the picture of long-lasting musical pleasure.

Because beginners shouldn’t have to hide from established players, the 9 ply Poplar shells of Sonor’s Smart Force Xtend sets offer the needed punch to keep those just starting out from falling by the musical wayside. The Poplar shells deliver maximum strength, perfect curving, and neutral tuning thanks to tension-free cross-lamination of the individual plies of wood (CLTF Cross Laminated Tension Free Process). The covered finish is very sturdy and long lasting, and the workmanship is impeccable.

The standard Smart Force series bass drum ships with a mount. The inner workings of the mount are built for a strong and secure base; thanks to a smooth yet firm application of pressure. The bass drum feet can be converted from rubber to metal by turning the rubber foot. Fixing the position by a fastening screw. Pre-muffled batter and resonance heads on the bass drum provide ‘allround’ powerful sounds and dynamic ‘kicks’. Sonor heads made by Remo. The new Sonor Force tuning lugs with fine-pitch threads are equipped with the TuneSafe feature, which prevents tension rods from loosening. And for the beginner, this means the "tuning" lasts even longer. With the tried and true ‘Ball Clamp’ system, the tom toms can be securely positioned wherever the drummer wishes.

The main features of the Sonor Smart Force Xtend Studio Drum Set Wine Red include:

  • Components: 20"x17.5" Bass Drum, 10"x8" + 12"x9" Tom Tom, 14"x14" Floor Tom, 14"x5.5" Snare Drum, Hardware, Cymbals, Throne 
  • Material: poplar, 9-ply, 7.2 mm
  • Lugs with TuneSafe system
  • Ball Clamp tom holder
  • Remo drumheads
  • Pre-muffled bass drumheads
  • Bass drum spurs transposable rubber/metal spikes
  • Colour: Wine red
  • Includes hardware:
    • Snare stand
    • HiHat stand
    • Cymbal stand
    • Mini boom stand
    • Bass drum pedal
    • Throne
  • Includes a CB8 cymbal set:
    • 14" hihat
    • 16" crash
    • 20" ride

Omvang van levering:

  • Iincl.hardware: Ja
  • incl. cymbalen: Ja
  • Incl. tom houder: Ja


  • Fabrikant: Sonor
  • Kleurbetekenis: Wine Red
  • Ketel hardware: Chroom
  • Formaat tom 1: 10" x 8"
  • Formaat tom 2: 12" x 9"
  • Formaat floortom 1: 14" x 14"
  • Snaar grootte: 14" x 5,5"
  • Formaat bass drum: 20" x 17.5"
  • Tuning safeguard: Ja
  • Pre-dampened Bass Drum Head: Yes
  • Aantal houtlagen snare drum: 9
  • Aantal houtlagen bass drum: 9
  • Aantal houtlagen toms: 9
  • Keteldikte snare drum (mm): 7,2
  • Keteldikte bass drum (mm): 7,2
  • Keteldikte toms (mm): 7,2
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