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2Box E-Drum Set DrumIt 5

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The 2BOX Drum it Five E-Drum Set is a professional Drum System with quiet mesh heads and a powerful sound module for accurate t...  Wszystkie informacje o produkcie

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2BOX Drumit5 Complete - Set

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2BOX Electronic Drum Set "DrumIt 5"

2BOX Header 1

DrumIt 5 Drum Pads

Sweden has more to give than just Ikea and beautiful landscape. The latest export hit is 2Box: electronic drum systems that not just reanimate the unprecedented visually, but also send a clear message to competition with high quality technical equipment. DrumIt Five is an open sound drum system giving the user the freedom to choose which sounds to play and which heads to use. The system is built around a high strength, low weight pad / cymbal and stand system. Add to this an extremely powerful percussion module with a large on - board Flash memory, and you have the foundation for a truly ground breaking, new sensation in electronic drums.

DrumIt 5 Sound Module - The Brain

Equipped with 4GB of professionally recorded multi-layer samples in 24-bit technology, 100 rewritable memory locations, 10 dual-trigger inputs (via Split cables can be up to 15 (!) Pads connect), control software for organizing drum kits on the computer and much more, the module has its nickname called "The Brain" certainly deserved.

Drum it Five Modul
2BOX DrumItFive

DrumIt 5 Cymbal Pads

The cymbal pads come with all the features that have become established and proven in the world of electronic drumming: Three trigger zones, which are free to prove; Choke function for stopping and a pioneering hi-hat system with magnet, so that the hi-hat can reflect adequately open, semi-open and closed sounds real faithfully. Coated all pools with silicone. The rebound is realistic and the stroke can be hardly heard through the material.

DrumIt 5 Rack System

The rack is made of ultra lightweight aluminum and gives the set a solid and secure base. All necessary brackets and holders are included with delivery.

2BOX "DrumIt 5" Features

  • Best possible 24 bit sound quality
  • 128 user editable kits
  • Extremly quick triggering
  • Pads for use with rubber pads, mesh heads and conventional drumheads
  • Update via USB port
  • Tom/snare pads with "Floating-Rim-System": clean seperatin between head- and rimshot
  • Choke function
  • Four-line LCD-display
  • 10 dual-trigger jacks
  • Cymbal pads only need ONE cable
  • Stereo-line-input
  • 6 line-outputs
  • Headphone jack
  • MIDI in/out
  • USB port


  • 14" Bass Drum Pad
  • 12" Snare Pad
  • 10" Tom Pad (x3)
  • 14" Cymbal Pads (x2)
  • 12" Hi-Hat Pad
  • Hardware
  • Drum Rack


  • Manufacturer: 2Box
  • Number of Drum Kits: 128
  • Recording Function: Yes
  • Internal Effects: Yes
  • Display: Yes
  • USB Memory Song Player: Yes
  • Master Out: Yes
  • Digital Output: Yes
  • Headphone Connection: Yes
  • Incl. Pedal: Yes
  • Integrated Metronome: Yes