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Aqua Drums Aquadrum Pro

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The Aquadrum is a melodic percussion instrument, created from a symbiosis of classic wooden log instruments and the Steel Pan.  Wszystkie informacje o produkcie

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AQUADRUM Pro - Melodic Percussion Instrument

Tuneable Percussion-Instrument with 10 Tones

The metal body of the Aquadrum, with a total of ten tunable tongues, offers countless melody options for the player. The very warm and soft sound is a unique supplement for every percussion setup. But even without any additional accompaniment, the Aquadrum is able to entice listeners.

Award Winning Tuning System

The Aquadrum produces very harmonious, fluid sounds that can be adapted to any scale thanks to the award-winning tuning system. The long sustain allows the tones to blur in the truest sense of the word and unleash a celestial sound.

Aquadrum Pro mit Tasche

Computer controlled precision for clear sound

The body of the Aquadrum consists of steel and is pressed and hardened in a special process. The tongues are computer controlled by means of 5-axis laser, which guarantees high precision and thus a clear sound. The mounting of the tuning magnets takes place by hand, a stainless coating finally creates by its structure a pleasant playing feeling and prolonged the lifetime of the Aquadrum enormously.

Aquadrum Pro Stimmen

Voices with Magnets

All ten tongues of the Aquadrum can be tuned, only the small tuning magnet on the underside of the tongues has to be moved. The large opening on the bottom of the Aquadrum provides stress-free access to the magnet, but for more precision, the tuning can also be made with a small screwdriver from the playing side.

The Top Facts

  • All tongues can be tuned
  • Textured surface for comfortable playing
  • Unique sound
  • Computer-based manufacturing
  • Stainless body


  • Manufacturer: Aqua Drums