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Bastl Instruments Dynamo Env. Follower & Comparator

Pozycja: SYN0005369-000
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Bastl Instruments Dynamo is a multifunctional module for modular synthesizers in Eurorack format. It combines three utility ...  Wszystkie informacje o produkcie

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Handicraft Instruments Dynamo

Envelope follower & comparator

Bastl Instruments Dynamo is a multifunctional module for modular synthesizers in Eurorack format. It combines three utility functions in one module: Envelope Follower, Comparator and CV Switch: By combining Envelope Follower and Comparator, gate signals can be extracted from the envelope of an audio signal. Additionally, a Rectifier Output is available to create compressor effects.

Dynamics and more:

As soon as the Compressor CV, which is generated by the Rectifier from the audio signal, is leased into the CV input of a VCA with offset and attenuator, you create a compressor! Dynamos Threshold then controls the threshold at which the compression should begin. The offset of VCA´s controls the gain and the attenuator of the CV input controls the compression rate. (also negative). By this kind of connection almost all CV signals of your modular system can be compressed: VCA, effects, VCF, e.t.c....

Dynamo's second trick is the CV switch section in combination with the wave rectifier and comparator, which are preset as normalized. This configuration allows"fake thru-zero modulation" with any source. Determine what should happen as soon as the negative modulation starts and change the "Zero Crossing Point" via CV, allowing completely new (and weird) modulation worlds to be explored.

Bastl Instruments Dynamo at a glance:

  • two passively connected envelope follower inputs (multiple)
  • inverted and non-inverted envelope follower outputs
  • Full-Wave Rectifier Output (EF IN)
  • Compressor CV output with LED display (negative CV output if the envelope is greater than the threshold value)
  • THR-EF output is equal to the Compressor CV output, but erases the compressor dynamics curve and therefore also outputs positive CV.
  • selectable Envelope Follower Release Time (Short, Mid, Long)
  • Output of the Envelope Follower is normalized to the comparator Input
  • Comparator with threshold control, threshold CV, input and output
  • Output of the mass comparator is normalized to the gate of the VCS
  • bi-directional CV switch (not buffered) A or B switch
  • VCS Gate Threshold is about 1.5 Volt
  • at high level gate the B signal is connected to A or B (at weak gate signals usually A)
  • the signal from A is inverted and normalized to B (for bi-polar VCA emulation or for waveshaping)


  • Type of Modul: Misc. Tools
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