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Sabian XS20 Cymbal Set Performance, Brilliant Finish

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SABIAN XS20 Performance Cymbal Set

The sound of professional B20 bronze in cymbals designed for the mid-price point, Xs20 offers a choice of popular models and sounds with SABIAN quality at a nice price.

Components: 14" Medium HiHat 16" Medium Thin Crash 20" Medium Ride Sound hihat: highly responsive medium-weight top for accurate sticking response; heavy bottom boosting clarity and cut, very versatile pairing

Sound crash: combining the response of a thin model with the increased power of a medium-weight, this is a highly versatile and effective crash

Sound Ride: A tasty balance of stick definition and tonal wash ensures a clean, musical sound at all volumes, with a mid-sized bell for playing solid grooves

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  • Manufacturer: Sabian
  • Alloy: B20 bronze
  • Gauge: Medium

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