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Synthrotek MST MIDI to CV Converter

Pozycja: SYN0005346-000
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The MST MIDI to CV Converter connects MIDI hardware to the Modular System via the classic MIDI jacks. At the same time, it a...  Wszystkie informacje o produkcie

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Versatile USB/MIDI interface for Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

The MST MIDI to CV Converter connects MIDI hardware to the Modular System via the classic MIDI jacks. At the same time, it also offers USB connectivity for Mac or PC to exchange digital signals with the Modular Synthesizer. The computer or tablet can be used to record melodies or to control the modular system via software sequencer as well as to synchronize hardware sequencers in the modular synthesizer with the DAW or e.g. a drum computer via MIDI clock.

Control modular synthesizers from DAW or external MIDI devices

The Synthrotek MST MIDI to CV Converter offers a lot of possibilities to integrate external signals into the modular system. Besides the typical outputs for CV and Gate there is an AUX-CV-Out. It can be configured via a toggle switch as an output for velocity, modulation wheel or aftertouch.

Synthrotek MST MIDI to CV Converter is very reliable, but there can always be a little misunderstanding when communicating between digital and analog - especially when configuring a new patch. In an emergency all received MIDI information can be stopped by briefly pressing the reset button to restore order. Furthermore the display of the gate LED can be changed and a visual feedback of the note priority mode can be displayed by pressing the button for a longer time.

MIDI synchronization via Synthrotek MST MIDI to CV

If a MIDI clock signal is present at the USB input or MIDI IN, the standard 96ppn clock is divided by four to provide a speed that makes sense for the modular system. The tempo at the Clock-IN is sent to the DIN-MIDI and USB-OUT.

Premium Modules from Synthrotek

The Synthrotek MST series is currently Synthrotek's premium module line. It consists of various modules for the Eurorack and was developed by Synthrotek in collaboration with synthesizer pioneer George Mattson.

  • Clock Input
  • MIDI Reset Button
  • DIN MIDI IN is mirrored to MIDI-USB OUT
  • Volt per octave Trimmer on the front side
  • CV OUT
  • MIDI channel can be selected via a jumper on the board
  • Compatible with Windows (XP/7/8/10), Mac OSX, Linux (Ubuntu 14.04), IOS with MIDI adapter, Android (from 3.1)
  • Power supply: 85mA, 8.5mA (+12V/-12V)
  • TU/HP: 6
  • HE/U: 3
  • Installation depth: 46mm


  • Manufacturer: Synthrotek
  • TE / HP: 6
  • Type of Modul: MIDI-Interface
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+49 (0)221 / 88 84 - 1690
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