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Dreadbox Abyss

Artigo: SYN0005932-000
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The Dreadbox Abyss is a 4-voice analogue synthesizer featuring four modes, one VCO and sub oscillator per voice, whi...  Todas as informações do produto

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Dreadbox Abyss

4-Voice Analog Synthesizer

The Dreadbox Abyss is a 4-voice analogue synthesizer featuring four modes, one VCO and sub oscillator per voice, white noise, and is 15V DC powered. With all-analogue discrete components, this synthesizer offers four playing modes: Unison, Polyphony, Chords and Multi-Channel. The Chords mode features user chords in addition, whilst Multi-Channel also offers multi-timbral over selected controls. With an indpendent wave shaping modulator and polyphonic glide function, this synthesizer contains four independent LFOs (one for each voice) to control vibrato. With variable speed depth and delay, the vibratos can be set out of phase via the Detune control. A VCO AutoTune function is also included.

The main features of the Dreadbox Abyss include:

  • 4-Voice Analogue Synthesizer
  • All-Analogue Discrete Components
  • Playing Modes: Unison, Polyphony, Chords, Multi-Channel
  • 1x VCO + 1x Sub Oscillator Per Voice
  • White Noise Generator
  • Independent Wave shaping Modulator
  • Polyphonic Glide function
  • 4x Independent LFOs (1x Per Voice) to Control Vibrato
  • Variable Speed Depth & Delay
  • Vibratos can be set out of Phase via the Detune (Vibrato) Control
  • VCO AutoTune Function
  • 24 dB/Oct 4-Pole Resonating Low Pass Filter
  • Dedicated ADSR Envelope Generator to the Filter
  • Velocity Sensitivity over the EG Attack Rate or the EG Level
  • Dedicated ADSR Envelope Generator to the VCA
  • OTA Drive Circuit
  • Reflector: 1024 BBD Delay for Chorus/Flanger or Static Flangers
  • Hybrid Delay Circuit
  • 4-Stage Analogue Phase Shifter
  • 2x Analogue LFOs with 4x Waves Each to Control the Filter, Reflector, Delay, Phaser
  • 4x Modulation Wheel Choices
  • Fine Tune Control
  • CV Control over Filter, Phaser, Delay & Reflector
  • Dry Output (Without Effects)
  • Signal Input (at the Effect Stage)
  • MIDI In/Thru
  • Power Supply: 15V DC Centre Pin 2.5mm Positive (Included)
  • Dimensions: 350 x 195 x 170mm
  • Weight: 2.38 kg
  • Includes: Aluminium Case


  • Fabricante: Dreadbox
  • Construção/número de teclas: Desktop without Keyboard
  • Geração de som: Analog
  • Número de potenciómetros: 26
  • Número de botões: 17
  • Interface MIDI: Yes
  • Polifonia: 4
  • Alimentação: Adapter, external
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