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Drum Workshop Collector's Exotic ShellSet, Natural Tobacco Fade over Quilted Maple, Overstock

Artigo: DRU0034755-000
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The high-end drums from DW Drums bring to light a processing and boiler construction that is unparalleled. This DW Coll...  Todas as informações do produto

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DW Collector's Exotic Boilers, Natural Tobacco Fade over Quilted Maple

High-End Boiler Set from the American Custom Manufacturer of Drums and Hardware Drum Workshop!

The high-end drums from DW Drums bring to light a processing and boiler construction that is unparalleled. This DW Collector's Exotic Set with Natural Tobacco Fade over Quilted Maple Finish delivers perfect sound, finest material and a finish that is unique worldwide. The American custom forge DW Drums manufactures each boiler according to its patented SSC concept ("Specialized Shell Construction"). This means in particular that perfect gluing and ideal coordination is guaranteed for each drum. Each set sounds coherent. The note in which the respective bowl swings is immortalized in a badge on the inside of each Drum Workshop Collector's bowl.

Drum Workshop Collector´s

Sophisticated design for professionals

The DW Drums Collector´s series is regarded by drummers as the ultimate in functionality, design, workmanship and of course sound - and not without reason. This wonderful Maple set with noble Tobacco Fade over Quilted Maple impresses with exclusive construction and a standard of workmanship that couldn't be better.

Drum Workshop Collector´s Top View

Optimized design

The elaborate SSC concept of Drum Workshop optimizes the construction method for each individual vessel to the effect that, depending on size and purpose, the different layers are ideally combined to achieve optimal sound development and a round mix.

The boilers of this set harmonize perfectly with each other and produce a resonantly warm tone with a wonderful response and plenty of attack with their Pure Maple Shells. The sound is refocused by means of reinforcement rings processed in the boiler - the ideal partner for concerts and studios. Professional material at the highest level!

Maple - The classic in drum making

Maple kettles are famous for their warmth and the round mix of resonance and attack. The toms of the DW Collector are made of six layers of selected wood, the bass drum and floor toms of seven layers. The bass drum romps deep and crisp with a warm, natural note and the hanging and floor tom captivate with excellent response and a defined frequency mix that makes every drummer rave.

scope of supply

22" x18" Bass Drum, 10"x8" + 12"x9" Tom Tom, 14"x12" + 16"x14" Floor Tom

DW Collectors Exotic Top Facts

  • Material: Maple (Tom Tom Tom: 6 layers, Floor Tom and Bass Drum: 7 layers)
  • Pure Maple cauldron
  • SSC Technology
  • Black Nickel Boiler Hardware
  • STM Supension Tom Mount
  • 2.3 mm True Hoops
  • True pitch clamping screws
  • Remo skins
  • Finish: Natural Tobacco Fade over quilted Maple / Unique worldwide

Please note that this is a pure shell set and that cymbals, snare and hardware are not included!

Drum Workshop Collector´s Shells


  • Fabricante: Drum Workshop
  • Configuração: com Bombo 22"
  • Material de proteção: Maple
  • Superfície de proteção: Verniz com muito brilho
  • Brilho: Não
  • Fade: Sim
  • Hardware de proteção: Black Nickel
  • Assinatura: Não
  • Material de Aro: Aço
  • Montagem de timbalão com oscilação livre: Sim
  • Bombo com roseta: Não
  • Tamanho de timbalão 1: 10" x 8"
  • Tamanho timbalão chão 1: 14" x 12"
  • Tamanho timbalão chão 2: 16" x 14"
  • Tamanho de bombo: 22" x 18"
  • Rodas de borracha montadas em mola: Sim
  • Salvaguarda de sintonização: Sim
  • Garras de bombo de alinhado com Anel de Borracha: Sim
  • Cabeça de bombo pré-amortecida: Sim
  • Número de camadas, tambor baixo: 7
  • Número de camadas, timbalão: 6
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