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Drum Workshop PDP Mainstage Studio, Black Metallic, Black HW

Artigo: DRU0021741-000
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PDP (= Pacific Drums & Percussion) was founded in 2000 as a brand of Drum Workshop Inc. since Drum Workshop was mainly d...  Todas as informações do produto

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PDP (= Pacific Drums & Percussion) was founded in 2000 as a brand of Drum Workshop Inc. since Drum Workshop was mainly dedicated to the custom drum philosophy, the idea behind it was to offer drummers of all skill levels high-quality tools in mass production. The PDP drums naturally benefit from the high standards of the DW High-End series, which is reflected in many details that are untypical for this price range.

The PDP Mainstage Series

PDP's Mainstage series offers pre-configured drumsets with a very good workmanship and a powerful sound that have secured a firm place in the entry-level segment, while the boilers of the Mainstage drumsets are made of poplar wood and are covered with high-quality, yet insensitive foils that can be easily cleaned if required. The mainstage toms are mounted on the bass drum using a double tom holder. Ball joints allow fast, precise and easy positioning of the Mainstage Tom boilers. There were no savings on the skins either, and so the mainstage drumsets with skins from Remo were equipped with high quality accessories.

The mainstage hardware package

The extensive hardware package of the Mainstage Drumset comes from the 700 series and makes it easier for beginners to get started, because it already contains everything necessary to start immediately. Snare, basin and hihat stands are as much a part of the delivery as a high-quality foot machine and a stool. All Mainstage tripods have double braced legs and are still very light, so that they can be transported comfortably and still guarantee a firm and safe stand.

Package contents: 20"x16" BassDrum, 10"x8" + 12"x9" TomTom, 14"x12" FloorTom, 14"x5" SnareDrum, Hardware, Stool

DRUM WORKSHOP PDP Mainstage - The Top Facts

  • Material: Poplar
  • Ball joint tom holder
  • Remo UK skins
  • foil finish
  • Black boiler hardware
  • Colour: Black Metallic

Incl. hardware package

  • Snare stand
  • cymbal stand
  • gallows pelvis stand
  • HiHat stand
  • footer
  • stools

Shown is a set example! Cymbals are not included!

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