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FBT Evo2MaxX 6 A

Artigo: PAH0018138-000
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The FBT EVO2MAXX 6A is a powerful active speaker with high-quality 15"/1" drivers, DSP presets, modern Class D power amplifi...  Todas as informações do produto

Variações do produto

FBT Evo2MaxX 9 SA

FBT Evo2MaxX 9 SA  Imagem do produto
  • Fabricante: FBT
  • Material do compartimento: Plástico
  • Entrada: XLR
  • Saída: XLR

FBT Evo2MaxX 4 A

FBT Evo2MaxX 4 A Imagem do produto
  • Fabricante: FBT
  • Tip.: Head
  • Signalverarbeitung: Ativo
  • Größe Tieftöner (Zoll): 12
  • Größe Hochtöner (Zoll): 1
  • ...
599,00 €

FBT Evo2MaxX 2 A

FBT Evo2MaxX 2 A Imagem do produto
  • Fabricante: FBT
  • Tip.: Head
  • Signalverarbeitung: Ativo
  • Größe Tieftöner (Zoll): 10
  • Größe Hochtöner (Zoll): 1
  • ...
529,00 €
799,00 €
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FBT Evo²MaxX 6 A

Active Loudspeaker

The FBT EVO2MAXX 6A is a powerful active speaker with high-quality 15"/1" drivers, DSP presets, modern Class D power amplifiers and low-resonance lightweight cabinets for mobile PA and monitoring applications.

The second generation of an international bestseller!

Building on the successful EvoMaxX speaker series, FBT is now equipping its modernized new edition, the Evo2MaxX, with a digital controller unit, resulting in even better audio performance. Especially the bass reproduction at high levels could be improved significantly. FBT Evo2MaxX loudspeakers play more naturally and relaxed than their already competent predecessors. Evo2MaxX now also offers various DSP settings for different application situations - the loudspeakers are therefore always optimally tuned in every sound situation and can unfold their full performance potential.

Light, mobile and powerful

Evo2MaxX loudspeakers continue to be manufactured from highly stable polypropylene chassis, which, in addition to their multifunctional design, which allows them to be used on tripods, rigging or as floor monitors, are particularly impressive for their low weight and mobility. FBT Evo2MaxX loudspeakers are particularly suitable for mobile use as main PA speakers or as stage monitoring. Thanks to the active design, the loudspeakers can also be used as a stand-alone solution - the connection panel also offers a dedicated microphone input to which, for example, a speaker microphone or a radio link can be connected directly.

Extensive program

FBT Evo2MaxX Top speakers are available in three versions with different bass woofers between 10" and 15". While the 10" version (Evo²MaxX 2 A) is particularly compact, the 12" version (Evo²MaxX 4 A) is already a top speaker in a powerful 2.1 Main PA, for example in combination with the matching subwoofer of the Evo2MaxX series (Evo²MaxX 9 SA). The 15" version (Evo²MaxX 6 A), on the other hand, with its generous woofer, already has enough bass power to function as a stand-alone PA solution in smaller locations or as a comfortable main monitor on larger stages, even without an additional subwoofer.


Top facts:

  • Two-way bass reflex enclosure made of polypropylene plastic
  • Bi-amplified system for bass and tweeter speakers
  • Customized B&C 25mm/1" Tweeter
  • CD horn with wide 90°x60° radiation (horizontal/vertical)
  • 15" long excursion bass speaker with 2.5" coil
  • Coated speaker membrane (weatherproof)
  • Digital signal processor (DSP) with 4 presets
  • Class-D power amplifiers with switching power supply (500 Watt RMS / 1000 Watt peak)
  • 130 dB maximum sound pressure level
  • control panel with: Preset, Level, HP filter, Mic/Line, Status LED, IN/LINK
  • Control panel subwoofer with: Preset, Level, Phase, Status LED, Stereo-IN/LINK, HP-Filter OUT
  • M10 Flying eyes
  • 35mm holder for tripods or spacer rods


  • Fabricante: FBT
  • Tip.: Head
  • Signalverarbeitung: Ativo
  • Größe Tieftöner (Zoll): 15
  • Größe Hochtöner (Zoll): 1
  • Saída de Alimentação em W(RMS) @4Ohm: 500
  • max. SPL badalar (dB): 130
  • Peso (kg): 21
  • Material do compartimento: Plástico
  • Compartimento Multi-Funções: Sim
  • Flange: Sim
  • Apto a Voar: Sim
  • Abstrahlwinkel: 60°
  • Resposta de frequência de (Hz): 42
  • Resposta de frequência para (Hz): 20.000
  • Rede de crossover: Sim
  • EQ: Não
  • Ligação: Sim
  • Entrada: XLR
  • Saída: XLR
  • Microfone integrado: Não
  • Entrada de Mic: 1
  • WLAN: Não
  • Bluetooth: Não
  • A pilhas: Não
  • Interface RJ45 / Rede: Não
  • Altura (mm): 757
  • Largura (mm): 482
  • Profundidade (mm): 399
  • incl. Apoio: Não
  • incl. Capa: Não
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