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Fame Baphomet Gothic 4 Matte Black Lefthand

Artigo: BAS0008524-000
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With the Fame Baphomet Gothic 4 Matte Black Lefthand the Gdansk-based bass smithy presents a 4-string electric bass for left...  Todas as informações do produto

This product contains materials that are subject to the CITES conservation agreement.  An appropriate certificate is enclosed with the article.  Mais informações
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FAME Baphomet Gothic 4 Mat Black Lefthand

Four-string left-handed electric bass with MEC pickups and active electronics

With the Fame Baphomet Gothic 4 Matte Black Lefthand the Gdansk-based bass smithy presents a 4-string electric bass for left-handers who are looking for a fat rock and metal machine with high playing comfort. Thanks to the MEC pickups and active 2-band tone control, the electric bass delivers a variable spectrum of juicy bass sounds, while the curved ash body and maple neck with quick profile ensure comfortable playability.

FAME Baphomet Gothic 4 Matte Black Lefthand

The Fame Baphomet Gothic 4 Matte Black Lefthand is a versatile rock and metal bass for left-handers.

FAME Baphomet Gothic 4 Matte Black Lefthand Rückseite

The neck and body of the Fame Baphomet Gothic are screwed together six times.

Curved ash body and fast neck

For the construction of the Fame Baphomet Gothic 4 Matte Black Lefthand, the bass builders from Gdansk use first-class woods that ensure a lively sound with precise sound definition. The body is made of ash, while the sixfold screwed neck is made of maple with two locking strips of mahogany and carries a rosewood fingerboard. A special feature is the curved body, which can otherwise only be found on expensive boutique instruments and nestles comfortably against the player for a stable playing position. With its flat D-profile and unimpeded access to the high positions, the neck also offers the perfect basis for every groove. Due to the matt finish and the special surface treatment, the intensive grain is also visible and tactile.

FAME Baphomet Gothic 4 Matte Black Lefthand Korpus

With fat pickups and active electronics from MEC, the Fame Baphomet Gothic delivers a wide range of brute metal sounds.

Fame Baphomet Gothic 4: With pickups and electronics from MEC to a fat sound

The electric tone conversion of the Fame Baphomet Gothic takes over a combination of pickups and active electronics from the German manufacturer MEC, with which the 4-string electric bass on the amplifier delivers a wide range of rich bass sounds between rock and metal. The MEC MM4 Humbucker, mounted close to the bridge, convinces with its assertive power sound that pushes every note through the band sound with dry bass, present mid and glassy highs, while the MEC MJ4 Single Coil delivers a massive sound in the middle position thanks to the fat pole pieces, whose rich low end and low mid rumble can be felt in the pit of the stomach. The active 2-band tone control also allows precise interventions in the character-forming frequency ranges.

FAME Baphomet Gothic 4 Matte Black Lefthand Brücke

The solidly built WSC Partsland WB65 bridge ensures precise sound development.

Hardware from WSC Partsland for unlimited functionality

In addition, the Fame Baphomet Gothic is equipped with high-quality hardware from WSC-Partsland, which ensures indestructible functionality even during heavy stage use and long tours. The WSC Partsland WB60 bridge, for example, is a solidly built specimen on the body, which not only promotes precise tone response with its lockable string riders, but also ensures perfect intonation and string position. From the bridge, the strings span a classic long scale scale (34.25" or 870 mm) before they are fed to the WSC JB15 tuners at the headstock with absolutely straight tension, guaranteeing a precise and stable tuning. In addition, the Fame Baphomet Gothic is equipped with Schaller Seurity Locks, which keep the bass securely on the belt even during the most intense stage action.

The Fame Baphomet Gothic 4 Mat Black Lefthand at a glance:

  • 4-String Lefthand E-Bass, handmade in Gdansk
  • Curved ash body
  • Sixfold screwed maple/mahogany neck with "D"-profile and rosewood fingerboard
  • MEC MJ5 Single Coil and MEC5 MM Humbucker Pickup, active MEC BEC2 2-Band Kkang control
  • WSC Partsland WB65 Bridge and WSC Partsland JB15 Machine Heads, Schaller Securitiy Locks


  • Fabricante: Fame
  • Desenho: Baphomet
  • Corpo: Freixo
  • Pescoço: 5-Laminados, Ácer/Mogno
  • Forma do braço: 'D'
  • Espessura no 1 º traste(mm): 21
  • Espessura no 12 º traste(mm): 23
  • Verniz de pescoço: Mate
  • Construção de pescoço: Parafusado
  • Escala: Escala longa
  • Griffbrettradius in Zoll: 20
  • Tipo de escala: Trastes
  • Número de trastos: 24
  • Formato do trasto: Jumbo
  • Incrustações: Dot
  • Material da pestana: Plástico
  • Largura de porca em mm: 41
  • Largura no último traste: 63,4
  • Mensur (Zoll): 34,25
  • Recolhas de fabricante: MEC
  • Pescoço de recolha: Não
  • Recolha média: MJ Single Coil
  • Ponte de recolha: MM Humbucker
  • Aktive Tonabnehmer: Não
  • Recolha de Piezo: Não
  • Eletrónico: active, 2-band equalizer
  • Controlo: Vol, Bal, Grave, Agudo
  • Mecânica: WSC Partsland JB15
  • Ponte: WSC Partsland WB60
  • Número de cordas: 4
  • Espaçamento de corda (mm): 19
  • Pinos para correia: Pinos Schaller Security Locks
  • Hardware: Preto
  • Nome da cor: Matte Black
  • Acabamento: Mate
  • Origem: Danzig
  • Espessura das cordas de fábrica: .045 - .100
  • Afinação de fábrica: Standard E
  • Saco Gigbag incluido: Não
  • Certificado: Não
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