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Fame Doppelpedal DFP9001D, Direct Drive

Artigo: DRU0034330-000
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The Fame DFP9001D double pedal is a rugged yet flexible bass drum double pedal with exceptional price-performance ratio.  Todas as informações do produto

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Fame Pedal duplo DFP9001

Fame Pedal duplo DFP9001  Imagem do produto
  • Fabricante: Fame
  • Placa de base: Sim
  • Mola de tensão ajustável: Sim
119,00 €

Fame Pedal Duplo DFP9001L Versão esquerda

Fame Pedal Duplo  DFP9001L Versão esquerda Imagem do produto
  • Fabricante: Fame
  • Placa de base: Sim
  • Mola de tensão ajustável: Sim
119,00 €

Fame Pedal Duplo DFP4002

Fame Pedal Duplo  DFP4002  Imagem do produto
  • Fabricante: Fame
  • Placa de base: Sim
  • Mola de tensão ajustável: Sim
69,00 €
154,00 €
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FAME DFP9001D Direct Drive

Professional direct drive double pedal for a low price!

The Fame DFP9001D double pedal is a rugged yet flexible bass drum double pedal with exceptional price-performance ratio. Professional features, great workmanship and numerous adjustment options make it a reliable tool, suitable for rehearsals, studio, and stage. The Fame DFP9001D double pedal can be adjusted in numerous ways and fits into any setup.

Extremely durable double columns and solid direct drive

Both the main pedal and the slave pedal of the DFP9001D double pedal are attached to extremely robust double columns and are driven by stable, cast direct drive shafts. The splitboard footplates are very sturdy and have a profile that prevents the foot from sliding off during fast passages. The direct drive construction provides a loss-free transmission of force and dynamic performance at every volume level.

Base plates for both pedals

There are heavy base plates mounted under both pedals. These ensure a secure placement and stability. If the pedals tend to slip, they can also be secured with a total of 4 spikes (2 for each pedal) that can be extracted. In the unlikely event that this is not enough, there is also a velcro strip underneath the base plates, which firmly anchors the pedal on a carpet. Both pedals are connected with a very durable, smooth-running linkage.


For "real" double bass drummers

For "real" double bass drummers, the following detail should be of the utmost interest: Unlike most conventional pedals, the DFP9001D double pedal is equipped with a so called beater hub on both pedals which means you can mount a beater on both pedals. This allows you to turn the double pedal into two single pedals and use them in setup with two bassdrums. The spring tension can also be adjusted separately for both pedals.

Different settings for each drumset

The sophisticated design of the DFP9001D double pedal allows you to adjust the pedal perfectly to your personal requirements and taste when playing drums. The spring tension can be used to regulate the strength of the resistance, thus also adapting the response and speed of the pedal. In addition, it is possible to determine how quickly or slowly the pedal will rebound by means of the spring tension. With a soft setting, hardly any resistance is felt. A hard setting on the other hand, allows the pedal to almost stick to the foot which is great for higher speeds. In order to achieve even more speed or force, pedal and beater angles can be adjusted independently of one another. For more force select a relatively large pedal angle, for more speed a flatter angle.

Laterally attached fastening screw

The hoop clamp is used to attach the DFP9001D double pedal to the bass drum. The mounting screw for the hoop clamp is located on the side of the pedal for convenient access so you won't pinch your fingers. The hoop clamp is coated with rubber on both sides, so that the sensitive wood hoop of the bass drum will not be damaged.

Fame DFP9001D Detail1
Fame DFP9001D Detail2
Fame DFP9001D Kardanwelle

High quality of materials, design and workmanship

The DFP9001D double pedal is a perfect example for the great price-performance ratio of our house brand Fame. What this pedal offers for a tiny budget can easily compete with pedals that are significantly more expensive. In times where prices for double pedals easily reach a four-digit range, the DFP9001D double pedal offers the professional features of more expensive brand item at a fraction of the cost. The high quality of the pedal in terms of material, design and workmanship ensures a long life and years of unrestricted playing pleasure. The DFP9001D double pedal can be perfectly adapted to the individual requirements and playing habits of every drummer.

FAME DFP9001D double pedal - the top facts

• Construction: double columns
• Direct Drive / cast construction
• Splitboard with base plates
• Two-way beater with fielt- and plastic side
• Spring Pension and pedal angle freely adjustable
• Hoop clamp with rubber padding
• Robust and smooth linkage
• Can be used as two single pedals
• Velcro strap and extractable spikes for firm positioning



  • Fabricante: Fame
  • Placa de base: Sim
  • Mola de tensão ajustável: Sim
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