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Industrial Music Electronics Black Locust

Artigo: SYN0005396-000
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The Harvestman Black Locust Quad Effects Pedal Amplifier/Insert is a quad effects pedal amplifier/insert for a Euror...  Todas as informações do produto
Industrial Music Electronics

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The Harvestman Black Locust Quad Effects Pedal Amplifier/Insert is a quad effects pedal amplifier/insert for a Eurorack modular synthesizer, offering four channels, with 10VPP modular in/out, TRS send/receive, gain adjustment, and a Wet/Dry crossfader. The Black Locust is a 4-channel guitar effects pedal adapter for a synthesizer. Using a compact arrangement of TRS insert sockets, the Black Locust attenuates and amplifies signals to incorporate your guitar effects into the modular system.

A return gain control and a wet/dry mix knob condition the signal for maximum utility in a modular context. Electric guitars and basses can also be patched directly into the module, as well as other instruments. This module has no external input signals, meaning the four pedals can operate in a closed feedback loop, self-generating audio signals that are impossible to directly control; they can only be influenced. This module does not come with any cables.

The main features of the Harvestman Black Locust Quad Effects Pedal Amplifier/Insert include:

  • 4-Channel
  • 10VPP Modular In/Out
  • TRS Send/Receive
  • Gain Adjustment
  • Wet/Dry Crossfader
  • Level Trimmer
  • Preset Feedback Loop
  • +/- 12V Doepfer-Style Power Supply
  • Size: 20HP


  • Fabricante: Industrial Music Electronics
  • TE / HP: 16
  • Modulart: Misc. Tools
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