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Industrial Music Electronics Kermit Dual Modulation Aid

Artigo: SYN0005394-000
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Kermit is a dual modulation generator with multi-function CV inputs and different working modes. Optimized for LFO applicati...  Todas as informações do produto
Industrial Music Electronics

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Industrial Music Electronics Kermit

Dual modulation generator with many helpful functions

Kermit is a dual modulation generator with multi-function CV inputs and different working modes.

Optimized for LFO applications, each half of Kermit offers full control over amplitude (like a digital VCA), frequency, or the wave shape (smooth morphing over 16 waveforms) of the output waveforms.

The module is able to work in the audio area, which makes Kermit a very good "utility oscillator", especially since the implemented waveforms sound very good. A special input allows Kermit to be precisely tracked at 1V/octave and the basic waveforms are high resolution to ensure clean performance at very low frequencies.

A special function is the bonus "Tap Tempo" mode, which reinterprets the frequency of incoming impulses in a new and "idiosyncratic" way, creating a special chaos.

Two output pairs (A+B) are able to output both analog and digital signals. (e.g. to supply the special 0-5V inputs of Harvestman modules).
Bipolar output level is nominal 10V peak peak, unipolar output ranges from 0 to 5 volts.

The output of the oscillators is normalized crosswise in the CV input of the opposite channel, making cordless, chaotic modulations with several different modulation targets possible.

Kermit from Harvestman - tips & tutorial


  • Fabricante: Industrial Music Electronics
  • TE / HP: 10
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