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Industrial Music Electronics Zorlon Cannon MK2 Dual-Clock LFSR Battery

Artigo: SYN0005393-000
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The Harvestman Zorlon Cannon MKII Dual-Clock LFSR Battery is a dual-clock LFSR battery featuring external inputs and...  Todas as informações do produto
Industrial Music Electronics

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The Harvestman Zorlon Cannon MKII Dual-Clock LFSR Battery is a dual-clock LFSR battery featuring external inputs and mixers with two independent clocks each driving four outputs, internal clock generators, and a 4-channel attenuverting mixer. The Zorlon Cannon MKII is suitable for the generation of random gates, digital noise, and pitched tones in the same manner as the classic Atari "POKEY" sound chip, with fully editable timbre for each of the eight outputs.

The sound configuration is visually represented on a bar graph display, and a rotary encoder facilitates quick editing of each output. The Zorlon Cannon enables efficient exploration of the musical and statistical properties of LFSRs up to 16-bits in length. Zorlon Cannon mark II features, compared to the original, an external clock input, a stronger internal clock generator with better CV control, and a fully editable and storable output configuration.

The functionality of the "qotile ultimatum" mix expander has been added to each half of this edition of the module. Each output is editable for shift register length and tap configuration, with the state of all eight outputs storable in one nonvolatile preset. A gate input is provided for re-seeding the shift registers, to cause non-maximal tap configurations to "jump" into otherwise inaccessible sequences.

The main features of The Harvestman Zorlon Cannon MKII Dual-Clock LFSR Battery include:

  • 2x Self-Sufficient Clock Generators with 4x Outputs Each
  • Upper Level for Generation of Gates
  • Lower Level for Output of Audio (Noise)
  • Internal Clock Generators
  • External Clock Input
  • 4-Channel Mixer with Attenuators
  • Gate Input
  • Size: 15HP


  • Fabricante: Industrial Music Electronics
  • TE / HP: 15
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