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Intellijel Jellysquasher

Artigo: SYN0005274-000
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The Intellijel  Jellysquasher Compressor is an analog compressor and tone shaper. The Output is routed through ...  Todas as informações do produto

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Intellijel Jellysquasher

Analog compressor and sound shaping module

The Intellijel  Jellysquasher Compressor is an analog compressor and tone shaper. The Output is routed through a specially selected Edcor transformer with highly desirable saturation qualities. Three carefully designed analog circuits can impose specific character on the output signal (Tube, Tape & XFRM) and all three colour circuits can be engaged in any combination to react differently based on the input drive level and makeup gain. A Wet/Dry control allows for “New York” style compression where there is a blend of the dry and compressed output signal. The LED bargraph has selectable display modes to view the signal level in VU or the gain reduction in dB.

The main features of the Intellijel  Jellysquasher Compressor include:

  • 100% Analog Signal Path & Sidechain Compressor
  • Edcor Transformer Output
  • Three Analog Circuits
  • External Sidechain Input
  • Link IN/OUT to Combine Jellysquashers
  • CV Control of Sidechain Cut-Off
  • Wet/Dry Control
  • Manufacturer: Intellijel


  • Fabricante: Intellijel
  • TE / HP: 18
  • Modulart: FX
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