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Istanbul X-Ray 6 Crash 19", XRAY6-C19

Artigo: DRU0034501-000
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The X-Ray 6 series from the Turkish manufacturer Istanbul Mehmet convinces with its hand-hammered B20 alloy and 6 larger hol...  Todas as informações do produto

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ISTANBUL X-Ray 6 Crash 19", XRAY6-C19

Turkish effect pools with elaborate production

The X-Ray 6 series from the Turkish manufacturer Istanbul Mehmet convinces with its hand-hammered B20 alloy and 6 larger holes, each 5.3 cm in diameter, which are also punched in by hand. These cleanly worked holes interrupt the vibration of the entire pelvis and provide a shorter fading out and a darker basic tone, which comes along trashy and spongy.

The finely and cleanly twisted basins are all made of B20 bronze, the classic alloy for professional basins. Especially the fast and direct response and the shortened sound make the Istanbul X-Ray 6 cymbals absolute effect all-rounders. Although the cymbals are crash cymbals, the sound is very similar to that of a China, noisy and complex. Of course, they are recommended for metal and rock drummers, but any other style can be used easily if accentuated and short, brute effects without frills are to be produced.


The X-Ray 6 Crash cymbals are very well coordinated and complement each other very well. Last but not least, of course, the more than fair price is convincing, because for handmade B20 basins with such complicated circular bores, the competition puts much more on the table.

Istanbul Mehmet X-Ray 6 Top Facts

  • Size: 19"
  • Material: B20 Bronze
  • Sound: Short, dark and trashy
  • 6 centrally arranged holes with 5.3 mm diameter
  • Handmade in Turkey


  • Fabricante: Istanbul
  • Tamanho(polegada): 19
  • Liga: B20 bronze
  • Martelado à mão: Sim
  • Acabamento: Brilhante
  • Escala: Médio
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