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Korg microKORG Platinum Synthesizer/Vocoder

Artigo: SYN0005977-900V000074516
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microKORG Platinum Synthesizer/Vocoder (UK)

Item in good condition

The Korg microKORG Platinum Synthesizer/Vocoder (UK) features a unique, easy-to-use interface and huge sound. The microKORG creates sounds of epic proportions, combining the sounds of the world’s most loved analogue vintage synths with a sonic arsenal of ultra-fat bass lines, screaming leads and massive textured sound washes. A built-in vocoder allows you to create a further wealth of high-octane sounds and effects.

The microKORG contains the same dual-oscillator DSP synthesis engine as the MS2000, offering a wider selection of waveforms than any other modelled synth. Oscillator 1 features a total of 71 waveforms including traditional analogue waves like saw, pulse, sine and noise, plus more unique choices like Vox wave and cross wave. Together they provide a modern selection that can be modulated to produce an extensive range of timbres.

Additionally, 64 exclusive DWGS waveforms from the DW-8000 enable the microKORG to reproduce a broad collection of imitative sounds including bells, electric pianos, guitars, basses and more that would be difficult reproduce on an analogue synthesizer. You can also apply Ring and Sync modulation from Oscillator 2 to create the kind of complex timbres that are the true sign of an advanced synthesizer.

Four filter modes are available, offering -12 dB (2-pole) low pass, high pass and band pass configurations plus an extra steep -24 dB (4-pole) low pass setting. All include resonance. Two classic ADSR envelope generators and two MIDI-syncable LFOs provide the power to shape your sounds. Add a Virtual Patch matrix that lets you create advanced modulation settings – routing the Mod Wheel to control filter cutoff or pulse width, using an LFO to control panning or amp level, etc.

The microKORG includes an eight-band vocoder with many advanced features. You can capture and “freeze” the formants of your voice, and then play it across the keyboard, or shift the formant frequency to make your voice sound male, female, like a child or anything else. The microKORG comes with its own microphone so you can start having fun right away.

Three types of modulation effects (chorus/flanger, phaser, ensemble), three types of delay effects (stereo, cross, L/R), and a two-band equaliser add the finishing touch to the microKORG. The delays can be synchronised with the arpeggiator or to an external MIDI clock. All effects can be edited to create your own, unique sounds.

A large dial and LED illuminated buttons provide easy program selection even on a dark stage. As it has been fifteen years since microKORG’s release in 2002, a 15th anniversary platinum-colour model is now available with a stylish operating panel featuring a bright colour scheme unified by accents such as black wood panels at left and right.

The main features of the Korg MicroKORG 15th Anniversary Platinum Edition include:

  • Keyboard: 37 Keys (Mini-Keyboard, Velocity-Sensitive)
  • Sound Generation Method: Analogue Modelling Synthesis System
  • Multi-Timbral: 2 (Max, Normal/Dual Mode)
  • Voices: 4
  • Sound Source: 2-Oscillator + Noise Generator, Multi-Mode Filter (-24dB/Oct LPF, -12dB/Oct LPF/BPF/HPF), EG x2, LFO x2, Virtual Patch x4
  • Vocoder Program: 4-Voices
  • Sound Source: 1x Oscillator + Noise Generator, EG x1, LFO x2, 8-Channel Vocoder, Level & Pan of each Channel can be Edited, Formant Shift Function
  • Programs: 128
  • Effects: Modulation (3), Delay (3), Equaliser
  • Arpeggiator: 6x Types
  • Inputs: AUDIO IN 1 & 2
  • Level Switch: LINE/MIC, [AUDIO IN 1, 2 (LINE)], [AUDIO IN 2 (MIC)]
  • Outputs: L/MONO, R & Headphones
  • Display: 3-Character x1 Line with 8-Segment LED
  • Power Supply: DC 9V (AC Adapter), or 6x AA Alkaline Batteries (Not Included)
  • Power Consumption: 6.4W
  • Dimensions:524 x 232 x 70mm
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • Accessories: AC Adapter (DC 9V, 600mA), Condenser Microphone
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