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LefreQue Red Brass/Silver plated 41mm

Artigo: BLA0004554-000
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The lefreQue sound bridges achieve a clean intonation, easy response, a full sound, good overtones and a simple bond. Th...  Todas as informações do produto

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LEFREQUE Red Brass/Silver plated 41mm

sound bridge
LEFREQUE Red Brass/Silver plated 41mm

The lefreQue sound bridges achieve a clean intonation, easy response, a full sound, good overtones and a simple bond. The sound is distributed around the instrument in surround sound.

The idea behind the sound bridge!

The lefreQue sound bridges compensate for the vibration behavior of the tone within the instrument. This bridges the interruption of the vibrating tone. Physical weaknesses in the instrument are outwitted. After attaching the sound bridge you will be surprised with the first note with a more direct response and a fuller sound. In addition, bonds are lighter and intonation becomes more balanced. The sound spreads around the musician. One has the feeling that the instrument not only surrounds the front, but also the musician.

Where do I place the sound bridge?

The sound bridges can be mounted anywhere where air turbulence occurs in the instrument. Classical places are places e.g. all plug connections. For example, in a transverse flute between the headjoint and the body. For brass instruments and saxophones between mouthpiece and mouthpiece holder. The two metal bridges lying on top of each other are fixed by means of a rubber band. The lefreQue sound bridges can be used for all wind instruments. From the piccolo flute, to the transverse flute, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba, bassoon, oboes and many more..
.The LEFREQUE Red Brass/Silver plated 41mm provides a round sound with a lot of core in the tone
Additionally it gives a good feedback to the musician.

The silver plating brings more brilliance in the higher positions.

An overview of which sound bridge with which band fits which instrument can be found in the following link:


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